These 10 Proven Methods All You'll Need to Get A Top Rank in Google

Doing a business online might seem easy to some, but the truth of the matter is, it is highly risky. Having a brick and mortar shop ensures that your customer knows about your existence. Whereas when you go for online trading your visibility to your potential customers rests entirely on search engine. Google, the world’s top most search engine and the most used as well, ensures that it filters and provides the users the top most content. So, in order to make it up the ladder on Google searches, use these proven tips and increase your page views.

1.     Understanding Your Needs
The SEO tactics used by every organization differs. While e-commerce portals are in need of a specific category of SEO tips, SEO tips for Attorneys or that of doctors will be different. So at first, you need to understand what you want your audience to know about you. When you understand your business’s primary motive, you can easily understand how to make the most out of it.

2.     Make the most out of Google Analytics


Google analytics is a powerful in-built tool that helps websites get the most out of their virtual business. Use Google analytics to understand the keywords in use and the keywords for which your website ranks high. This will help leverage your performance.

3.     Create the right Title Tag
It is an important element for website optimization.  Title tag, will tell the audience what your webpage is all about in just a few words. They are used in various places in order to describe the content. Like, they can be used by search engines as the link text for every search result they will display. Moreover, title tags are often used on social media networks for describing the page when someone is sharing the content. The title tag will appear at the top of the browser when the webpage is viewed. Hence title tags aren’t merely useful to search engines; they also serve as meaningful ways to describe your page’s content for your audience.

4.     Make the website mobile friendly
With digitalization hitting the world hard and fast, every third person on the street you see is may be having a smartphone. Thus most people are accessing websites on their mobiles instead of desktops and laptops. Thus, it is crucial to ensure the website can be easily accessed on the net and is properly viewable.

5.     Use minimum graphical content

While graphics is the thing to appeal to the eye, the more the graphics the more time it will take for your webpage to load. Use limited graphics but of high content. Also make sure your images or videos are in context with your content and it actually adds value to your content. But most importantly, make sure your visuals don’t slow down the loading time.

6.     Use SEO optimized meta description
Meta descriptions are what are displayed in search engine results pages (SERPs) as the descriptor text for each result, making it a key piece of information for your audience. Hence, it should accurately describe what viewers will find when they click to your content. A good Meta description precisely states the purpose of the page and includes applicable keywords.

7.     Omit obsolete content
Many companies add a lot of content on their website so as to boost Google rankings. But the thing is, they often forget to hash out the content that is of no future value. Having relevant content on the webpage gives the audience for the opportunity to stay on your webpage and browse, thereby increasing your page view time.

8.     Optimize your images
Consumers frequently search for images; hence the visual content you display on your website also needs to be optimized for discovery. Not only are images included in specific “Image” searches on search engines, they also appear in the main “Web” search results — if the search engine determines that your image is relevant to a particular search term or phrase.

9.     Use high quality content
Quality is important for every type of content creation. Make sure you are using proper grammar. As far as possible avoid typos, it ruin trust and suggests that you company is not thorough with what you do.

10.   Use proper Meta Keywords

These are similar to Meta descriptions. They don’t directly help improve page rankings, but they are known to potentially hurt search engine rankings if the tag is “overstuffed. Some tend to paste as many keywords as possible into a Meta keyword tag, hoping their presence will prompt inclusion in additional search results, but that tends to go downhill.  When incorporating a keyword you have to keep in mind to include the title of your content and the beginning sentence of your first paragraph.

SEO tactics keep changing as Google is the world’s smartest search engine gets more and more upgraded. So if you want to get the maximum out of SEO you need to revise it extensively from time to time.

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