How to Combine Sport and Education

We all have some things that bring us pleasure and great benefits. The major components of a student’s life are education and sport. You can see how your friends combine these two things with ease and they don’t have any problems at all. But there’s you and there are other people that suffer from the lack of time and the disability to organize their time in a right way. We have talked with the experts from NewtonEssay and we have received a lot of tips on how to combine these two things.


Stitch off emotions and turn on your logic
If you feel panic or you feel worried that you don’t meet any deadlines in sport or at your school, you should stop at this moment. Close your eyes wherever you are for thirty seconds. Breathe deeply and focus on your body position, on how your legs and arms are situated. You will spend 30 seconds doing this exercise and you will forget about stress connected with the lack of time. When you feel that you have calmed down, you can plan your actions.
Use your logic only when you have turned off your emotions. You can do the best planning only if you don’t feel worried. Take a sheet of the paper and a pencil. Divide it into two columns:
      You should write down what benefits you get from your education on the left
       What you need to do for it in the right column.

Take the second sheet of the paper and do the same for sport. You will have the list of values you get from these components.
You have a list of actions that you need to take to get some specific benefits from your education and sport. If you truly believe that these things are important for you, let’s proceed to predicting your future. You have 24 hours during one day and seven days within a week. Define the period of time for every action that you have to do in the right column. You will definitely see that you will have a lot of free time remaining.

Design your week

You can take one piece of the paper or several of them to make up a schedule for the next week. You know how much time you need for every important action. Pick up the best period for the day that you can devote to education and the time that you can devote to the sport. You should have enough time for having rest and meetings with other people. Otherwise, you will soon get tired of the nonstop workflow.

There are no reasons to plan your time one month ahead. The first week will be the testing one. You will see how you manage to combine your education and sport as well as evaluate your success at the end of the week. If you feel that you cope with everything, you don’t need to make any changes in the plan. You can use one plan for every next week unless you see that your efficiency is falling somewhere.

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