10 Innovative Ways to Make Money Using Social Media

By now, you probably have an account on all the major social media platforms. We join different social media platforms for various reasons. To check up on friends, make new acquaintances or even to build your brand.
Now that you can navigate the sites with ease and have a significant following that is still growing, why not make money from it. You can showcase your services on social media, say, a LinkedIn makeover service.
Below are ways to earn “a few” extra bucks on social media:


1. Become a Social Media Manager
Do you love to spend most of your free time on social media? You should think about becoming a freelance Social Media Manager. Most companies hire independent contractors and therefore, you will be able to work from the comfort of your home or even on the road.
All you have to do is to strategize on what to post daily, remove spam, respond to the concerns of clients, and much more. When looking for career goals statement example, keep an eye out for postings on jobs that require social media services.

2. Sell your craft
If you are gifted with artistic skills and post your items online but would like to reach a bigger audience, you can achieve this with the right tools in the ideal platform. Many people prefer to buy handmade products.
If you have the skills, you can use inSelly to turn the photos you post on IG into products for sale. Make good use of your skills and turn them into profits too. Tumblr and IG can help you make your artwork go viral, and you can sell them on Etsy.

3. Showcase Your skills
Are you good at music and would like to put your skills to more use? With SoundCloud, you have a pretty good chance to get noticed for your musical abilities. Well, you don’t have to be darn good in it, be confident and post your material.
Chances are you may get clients who would like to use your piece for an advertisement or those who would like you to create something for them.

4. Make Money from your YouTube Channel
YouTube is not just a source of information or entertainment, but you can make a living out of it. The Financial Diet is a channel that advises how to take care of your finances.
Create an AdSense account and get paid by Google for their sponsored ads. Join the YouTube Partner Program and share the revenue from the Google ads at the beginning of your videos.
It takes time, and proper strategy to gain significant sums.

5. Become a Brand Ambassador
Different Brands hire influencers on Instagram to help create and post content for their account. The money one can make will depend on the size of your audience and scope of the project. You may also be hired to shoot for photos that are aesthetic to the brand itself. Make money from being able to have a significant following.

6. Generate Leads for your Business
If you are an expert in a particular field, you can increase and generate more interest in your services using social media. Leverage your social media account by connecting with the target audience. Remember to charge a fair amount for the services rendered. You can also list your blogs on the platforms like 9start to connect to advertisers.
It takes time and effort to deliver satisfactory services, e.g., virtual assistant resumes.

7. Make money through sponsored posts
You can make money by promoting the products or services of other businesses. If you have a significant following, you can maximize on this and make a few bucks for your needs.
However, you should employ a social media strategy where you don’t keep promoting the same products or services, over and over again. Your followers can see through this and may soon un-follow you, and you lose your credibility.

8. Comedy Writing
Tweet the ridiculous rhetoric that you have buried in your mind. Many Comedians, charted their career in Comedy on Twitter. You gain a lot of attention through your clever sentiments as a wordsmith.

9. Sell photos
Do you thrive on taking quality photos? Why not put your talent to good use by selling them online. Join a platform like Flickr and gain a large following. Then, create an account with iStockphoto, etc. and get paid by those who would like to use your photos.

10. Become a Social Media Auditor
Your work will revolve around managing and maintaining the sites of your clients. Check the level of optimization of their accounts and give honest feedback. It may take time to get to the degree of financial freedom that you would like, but you need to start, to get there.


There are various money-making opportunities on Social Media. You need to learn patience, strategize, grow a following, and make money from it.

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