Top 10 Traditional Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Pumpkin carving is a favorite part of Halloween preparation of children and adults all over the world. What makes it so popular is that the process is just as amazing as a result. What makes it even more exciting, there is a great number of stencils to choose from depending on your mood, humor, and purposes. Choose several of them to have fun this year!

Good Old Jack
To create the Jack lantern as it is known for many years, you need to remember that a traditional Jack is the one with a triangle nose, happy smile, and no less than four teeth (and no more though). With this type of decoration, you will never be out of fashion. Like a little black dress, such pumpkin decorations have their peculiar charm and recognizable look. Newcomers and old-stagers, show your guests you know what is a real Halloween celebration!

Warning in face expression
If your pumpkin carving experience is not that rich and you have little time for preparation, that is your type stencil to choose among the variety. Or you can make it yourself without any difficulty. Take some circle object to draw the eyes, something of a triangle shape for a nose and square for a mouth. When carving the mouth, skip two smaller squares in the middle of it to create some teeth (a pair of lower and as much in the upper part). This is the scheme for children willing to participate in the activity. Oh, it looks like your pumpkin has some urgent message for you!

This is one more option for people with little expertise in this sphere: spooky and awkward Frankenstein smile makes half the battle! Carve two bars standing for eyes, one a little bigger for the mouth, and pick out either this or that way some more parts to make the mouth line less even. This is already the sight which will make the blood freeze!

To create some funny scene is another option when it comes to pumpkin carving. To imitate that yours had too much fun for a night, you can make a big hole for the mouth and put inside some light substance which is making its way out. Don’t spend too much time on carving – here the main element is the mass! This can serve a notification for the children not to eat too many sweets and for the adults not to run into extremes (especially for those trying to make their dark side drunk for a year). It can also remind graduates about the considerable preparations for the graduation party in which they need to participate having no slight idea what to offer. This is party time!

Kindness itself
 Well, we need to admit: not all of us can boast of the easily revealed dark side on Halloween. Some people feel like having enough of those grumpy faces in everyday life to surround themselves with traditional terrifying facial expressions. Or the reason is your neighbor’s fragile nervous system. Anyway, don’t get sad! If you want to stand out from the crowd offering to the wide public smiling and kind pumpkin decorations you still can celebrate this holiday. In shops look for sweet stencils. This is one more trick for those who are sick and tired of always being sick and tired (because of overload at work or the abundance of tasks at school). Kind pumpkin carving is therapy. Instead of spending hours on your urgent writing task when the world is having fun, pay someone to have an essay written and try to implement some of the pumpkin decorating ideas. Celebrate your happy and kind Halloween!

Message in words 
If you are afraid that the facial expression of your lantern will fail to deliver your message appropriately, carve some words. Just print some spooky exclamations and carve them on one of your pumpkins. Pumpkin decorating ideas of this kind are numerous. Add some tricky details like jam running out of letters and you will see: you will try not to have a look at your terrifying decoration.

Authorized member of your family
To help you gain a notorious fame of the best Halloween celebrating family in the neighborhood, you should help your guests learn your last name. This holiday helps to get acquainted! Very few will remember it if you represent yourself, some more if you put it on your doorbell or nearby, but the view of your lighted name will be printed on memory of almost every your Halloween visitor.

Horrified and horrifying faces 
Important participants of the most scaring holiday of the year, pumpkin decorations need to impress by its facial expression. Horrification is one of the best emotions in this concern. Apply some scared stencil and frighten your neighbors to your heart’s content!

If you are serious about this intention than ever before, use some additional scary element (one or two of them). Planted occasionally toothpicks, for instance, will serve best for the row of sharp teeth. To create the “frightened the hell out of someone” lantern is easy when following the tips. You will like the process! Take a pumpkin which is tall and thin, draw the beards of different size and length around the top, and choose some shocked face stencil with widely opened eyes, knob nose and screaming mouth with a big tooth. Cut off the top and carve the beards. Take off the entrails.  When working with eyes, leave the apple of the eye, cut out the nose, form a mouth having made one big tooth. Using the razor shave the apples and the tooth. To ascertain of your pumpkin’s long life, cover it with some of your household liquids containing bleach. Not only people but the bugs too will stay away from your welcoming decoration!

Monsters around us
To make your Halloween visitors stay away from your garden during the celebration, select specific ghosts and monsters stencils to create your guardians. Malicious eyes in combination with a malevolent smile will have an effect!

Now that you are informed of what and how you can create with your own hands, go to the nearest supermarket or farmer’s market to get materials for implementation of your pumpkin decorating ideas. Let the Halloween magic begin!

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