5 Ways to Help Yourself When You are Experiencing a lot of Pressure At Work

These days employers are trying to get by with less staff than ever before. That means that the staff that is left behind after individual leaves a position, is then stuck with their work as well as their own workload. This can cause a great deal of stress, especially when the job is not replaced and you are stuck doing 2 jobs on the same salary. This can leave employees feeling used, disgruntled, and not valued by their superiors. The pressure at work is not uncommon and it can leave people feeling at a loss for what they can do to make the work environment a better place. One of the ways that you can make the work environment better is to help yourself. This article will identify some ways that you can help yourself when you are experiencing a lot of pressure at work.


  1. Consider seeing a therapist. When you see a psychiatrist or a therapist, they can help you identify some of the things that are causing you the most stress. In addition, they can help you identify healthy ways to cope with stress and even help you practice mindfulness techniques that do not require money and only need a few moments out of your day to make an impact.

  1. Spend at least 5 minutes a day meditating. Even if you do not know how to meditate, carve out 5 minutes of your day in which you can go to a space that is quiet and you can be alone. Download one of the many mindfulness apps that are available online for free and get started. The Breathe app or Insight Timer app are both great and can provide you with some guided meditation that will help to calm your nerves in a soothing way.

  1. Get some exercise. You will feel a million times better and more energized if you fit at least 30 minutes a day into your daily routine. Not only will you feel happier, but you will feel as if you have more energy throughout the day and you will physically feel better.

  1. Spend time with friends. One of the reasons you may be feeling so overwhelmed and pressured at work is because you may have weak boundaries. Do you take your work home at night? Do you answer emails from your smartphone in bed? These are all things that you should not do as you need healthy boundaries so that you do not get burnt out. One of the best ways to establish boundaries is to hang out with friends. Have a standing friends night if you have to so that you do this on a regular basis. You will feel so much better after a night out with the girls that you will wonder why you hadn’t been doing this all along.

  2. Find a hobby. Sometimes when you are an adult, work takes precedence over any other aspect of one’s life. This can cause depression and sadness as one is not enjoying themselves or doing anything for fun. Work has become everything which makes the pressure and stress that much more noticeable. Do your best to find yourself a hobby so you have other things to concentrate on after 5pm other than work.

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