10 examples of what gifts should NOT be given for Christmas

Christmas is such a time of the year when exchanging presents is one of the most common practices. People play interactive games like ‘Secret Santa’, to break the ice between each other, and to make friends. Secret Santa is a popular culture in neighborhoods and even offices. In this activity, people do not reveal their own names, but they can send the present to anyone they want to. The receiver might guess who the sender is, and the whole process of finding it out is the interactive part.

There are many gift ideas that surface around holiday time, and sometimes just to experiment something, people purchase things that might hurt the feelings of another person, or they end up buying something that is useless and futile for the receiver. Such offerings are termed as ‘bad Christmas gifts’, and should never be given.

Here are ten examples of the presents that you should avoid giving, especially for Christmas:

1.     PERFUMES – Perfumes are specific to people, and if you like a fragrance, there’s a high chance that the other person may not like it the way you do. Perfumes are something, that should only be given to close people or people whose choice you are aware of. Giving a perfume or fragrance to a stranger is always dangerous in the context that your present might end up in the trash can as well if they do not like it!

2.     SOCKS OR HANKIES – Socks are personal, and it’s a person’s own choice to purchase a particular kind of pair for himself. Gifting socks or handkerchiefs to someone, also counts as bad item, because these two things are not only a part of a person’s personal wardrobe, but they also count as an impression. Hence, socks and handkerchiefs should be avoided.

3.     STRESS TOYS – There are a variety of Christmas gifts available on the market before the holidays start. You might think that you are helping a dear friend by gifting him something to relieve the stress, but in reality, you might be putting them into more stress by giving them something that reminds them of the bad times or rough situation that they have been through. Giving stress toys or gifts can be a bad idea.

4.  VOUCHER CARDS – Voucher cards are one of the worst presents, especially for Christmas, as people do not find emotions in it. Gift cards seem like a stash of money that you are throwing at someone, just because you have to. It is emotionless, loveless and a dry thing to gift. Those who received voucher cards revealed that they prefer cheaper presents more than expensive ‘voucher cards’, solely because a present is more than just its price tag.

5.     STUDY RESOURCES – Study material might sound thoughtful, but is one of the most useless material to offer, something that students no longer appreciate. With everything online, students can now even pay for essays and get their work done. They do not need hard-copies of resources that are of no use to them.

6.     HOUSEHOLD GADGETSChristmas presents should be sweet, memorable and lovely, something that reminds people of you for a long time. Household gadgets too come in the list of presents that should not be given, at least not in the holiday season. Household gadgets are not only purely mechanical, but you will end up using them in your kitchen and someday, also replace them with something new. While a present should be something that can stay with the receiver forever.

7.    FITNESS EQUIPMENT – Holidays are the most exorbitant times, where people consume all kinds of foods sumptuously, and they even put on a lot of weight, that they ‘swear’ to lose in the next year. That is why January of every new year receives the most gym-subscriptions. Fitness equipment or family Christmas gifts like a combo-package for family, or a gym subscription are something that should never be given as a holiday present.

8.  GIFTS CONTAINING YOUR OWN PICTURES – Only your loved ones might appreciate your own photos on every gift-item, but not everyone would do that. Hence, avoid gifting your own photos in everything to people.

9.     CIRCULATING GIFTS – Sometimes, people think that they can circulate gifts from one friend to another, without them knowing about it, but it creates more blunders than one can think of. If you received something that you do not like, from one friend, do not offer it to another friend just to get rid of it. If found out, you might be in deeper trouble.

10.  POINTLESS PRESENTS – Giving gifts is an art, and pointless presents are the offerings that are of no use to the receiver, like giving wine to someone who doesn’t drink. Avoid doing that!

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