10 Unique Welcome Gifting Ideas for New Employees

1.Branded merchandise
Many companies give their newbies gift baskets containing an assortment of the company's branded goods. These may include mugs, a calendar and amazing t-shirts with great design ideas. These gifts, though inexpensive in some sense, do give the new employee some sense of belonging and they feel more welcome and accepted by their new employer and colleagues.

2. Notebooks
A notebook or diary is another great gift for a new employee. With either of these, they can write down new business ideas or any other important information in hard copy enabling them to be more efficient in their work. There are also technological notebooks, like the Rocketbook everlast, which backs up all your information in the cloud servers and are reusable.

3. Power banks
Employees spend about 8 hours a day in the office busy growing the economy. In many of these transactions they require to make lengthy phone calls to their clients and thus their phone batteries may run flat. With a power bank gift, the employees will go on with their work without worries about their phones and will thus get more work done.

4. Leather desk weekly planner
Business people have lots of meetings and appointments and transactions to deal with each and every week.  Gifting a new employee with an organizer will help them keep track of any assignments or other meetings they are required to attend for their organization. Getting a high-quality planner will make it even better as they feel at ease while putting down what they are required to do.

5. Vacuum bottles
Coffee and other hot beverages are taken in copious amounts in every office workspace. During the winter, especially, a little warmth is very gladly accepted in order to make work bearable. Getting your new employees vacuum bottles will help them keep their beloved drinks hot the entire day, and thus they will be more efficient, even during the cold season.

6. Gift cards
New employees can also be presented with gift cards of variable prices to any popular goods stores or eateries. Giving them a gift card to some of these normally expensive restaurants for a meal for one or two will be appreciated by the new employee and they will commit themselves to their new employers and jobs.

7. A bottle of wine or champagne
You can gift your new employee with a bottle of wine or champagne, that doesn't have to be expensive but should be special. Anyway, they must at least how to open a champagne bottle.

8. Books
A good book is a great gift for your new employees. You can choose any title, genre, and author as long as the book being gifted is an interesting read.

9. A field trip tour
Employers can take their new employees out for a fun field trip, be it an animal park, water park or any other interesting destination. The new employees will be able to bond with their fellow newcomers as well as their bosses and other colleagues reducing any anxiety.

10. Food warmers
New employees can also be gifted with a food warming box, like the magic cook lunch box, which keeps their packed lunch warm till they consume it.

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