Fun Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Husband

Every woman should look towards surprising her husband every now and then. Small surprises like this not only help your marriage but it helps break the mundane routine. A surprise gift is easily one of the best ways to surprise anyone but hunting  gifts for husband can be tough, It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive; You could end up getting his favorite drink or dessert for example. The whole idea is to show that you care about the things he likes and thinking about your husband.

We’ve compiled a collection of gift ideas that are perfect for a surprise. So kick back, grab a cup of coffee and browse from our unique selection 
1. Personalized Cubelit Mini photo table lam
Surprise him with a personalized lamp, which can display up to 5 of your best memories in the form of images. The cubelit mini measures 4 x 4 x 4 inch and comes with warm bottom glowing light. It only consumes about 4 - 5 Watts of electricity, The lamp requires 1 LED bulb which is included and a 2 pin plug so as to power it. This gift is ideal as a table lamp or a night light. It uses scratch free laminated printing to accommodate 4 square pictures on the sides and 1 on the top of the cube. 

2.  Jar of Love
This beautiful jar is a wonderful way of surprising your husband. Send him 12 of the most romantic messages held in a glass jar. One can be creative with this one and come up with messages that mean something between each other or remind your significant other about a certain memory. The glass is decorated beautifully and measures about 11 x 6 cm.

3.  Personalized Cushions

Personalized gifts are amazing and always end up being unique. With personalized cushions, You can make it so that there is a certain message, quote or name that associates with your husband or you can choose to have images of things and places where you share memories together. The possibilities in terms of what you can get printed on a cushion are endless. Lastly, You can also choose to do a monogram of 12 different images all beautifully coming together.

4.  Choc-a-Cookie Gift Hamper
Who doesn’t love chocolates and cookies? Just “Amazing” is one word to describe this gourmet gift hamper. The hamper is beautifully presented in a cane basket and features an assortment of different chocolates so as give your taste buds a treat. He would be more than delighted to receive these tasty eatables.

5. Husband and wife coffee mugs

These mugs are a great gift to surprise your husband. The set of 2 includes two ceramic mugs which are labeled as Hubs and Wifey. The back of the mug offers a space where you can personalize and inscribe your name/signature. It’s sweet little gift for any couple.

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Lover of wine, literature and long naps. Himani is working as a writer for Giftcart, An online gifting website. In her free time, she enjoys sipping on tea and eating exquisite cuisines.

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