5 Tips to Selecting a Watch for Your Military Spouse

Military personnel go through a lot, especially when serving overseas. That’s why whenever we spend time with them, we need to show them that they are loved and appreciated. If you have a military spouse, there is no better way to show this appreciation than by buying them a watch. To help you get them the best watch, here are 5 tips to selecting a watch for your military spouse.

1. Look for one with a long lasting battery
The best watches for navy seals and Special Forces have long lasting batteries since they are designed for people who might be away from home, for months or even years on end. They may not have the time or the ability to shop for a new watch battery, while serving out there. Gifting them a watch with a watch that can go for years is something they will appreciate.

2. Gift them a waterproof watch
Military men and women work in rough environments, sometimes being forced to work under wet conditions. For instance, Special Forces personnel might at times be forced to approach their target from under water. That’s why it would be perfect to gift them a waterproof time-piece. The perfect gift would be one which can continue working for some time while underwater, not just for short durations. Gifting them such a timepiece will achieve two objectives. The first one is that such a timepiece will help them manage their time even when working in wet conditions. Secondly, they will remember and cherish you even as they navigate through such extremely difficult conditions. You must understand the difference between water resistentant and waterproof watches before shopping.

3. Gift them a watch with illuminated marker hands
Military people work in rough conditions, sometimes in the remotest parts of the earth. That’s why they might need a watch that illuminates, one that can be used even in the darkest of places. However, you need to buy them one that only illuminates the markers and not the entire screen. That’s because an extremely bright screen might give them up to the enemy and you don’t want that happening to your loved one.

4. Give them a watch with a strong bracelet strap
Imagine giving your loved one who works in the military a watch, only for it to detach and get lost in the course of their duties. That would be sad, right? Well, that’s why you need to go for a watch that has a tough bracelet strap. One that can withstand the tough conditions that military personnel work. When looking for a watch bracelet strap, you may choose to either go for a metallic one, or one with a strong rubber material.

5. Look for one made of non-scratch material

Working in rough conditions means that a military person’s watch will get scratched at one point or another, something that can diminish its lifespan. That’s why you need to shop around for a watch that won’t scratch. Some of the best materials include stainless steel, gold, diamond, and ceramic. Depending on your capability, choose a watch made from any of these or any other non-scratch materials out there.

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