Is Cashew Nut Good For Joint Health?

Nuts are food substances that are taken as snacks by most of the people. There are different types of nuts which include walnuts, groundnuts, and cashew nuts. One good thing about them is that they do not belong to the group of unhealthy snacks. For instance, cashew nuts are great for the kidney bones and joint health. Therefore, the question, “is cashew nut good for joint health?” the answer is yes because of the following reasons;

1. Great substance to regulate weight gain
As mentioned before, cashew nuts are taken as snacks before meals. For this reason, they make you full until mealtime reducing the amount of food that you need to take.  This definitely, leads to less weight gain because most of the body’s general weight is gained through a larger amount of food substances consumed. Its ability to keep an individual full for a longer time is also its perfect way of reducing cravings for unhealthy food substances that can cause weight gain. Weight gain is one of the causes of pain and inflammation in the joints. Therefore, cashew nuts are great for joint health since they protect joints against inflammation and pain by controlling weight.

2. Contains magnesium and phosphorus 
Both phosphorus and magnesium are the recommended compounds for strong bones. Sometimes, the strength of the bones determines the strength of the joints. This is because the joints is a connection between two bones. Therefore, the two compounds are also great for strengthening the joints. Cashew nuts should be considered to strengthen the bones.

3. It contains copper
Copper is an essential compound for the bones as well as the joints. It is the required substance by the enzyme known as superoxide dismutase. This enzyme is great for strengthening the joints and offering the antioxidant functions that are great for joint relief. Copper is essential for lysyl oxidase, an enzyme that plays a major role in linking collagen with elastin enhancing the flexibility of the joints. Lack of copper in your body can lead to risks of osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart problems. Cashew nuts contain a larger percentage of copper compound hence taking it may not be such a bad idea. 

4. It has anti-inflammatory properties
Joint health problems include all kinds of arthritis joint pain. They majorly cause inflammation in the joint area that is in most cases accompanied by pain. The inflammation often causes numbness that gives an individual a lot of discomforts.  Cashew nuts’ Anti-inflammatory properties can relieve the inflammation and hence the pain. Therefore, always consider cashew nuts as your favorite snack because it comes with greater joint health importance.

5. Possesses antioxidant properties
Antioxidants are well known to get rid of the free radicals on the joints. This function makes it a perfect substance to treat arthritis. This is because it destroys all those radicals that could cause further damage to the joints. Some other sources of antioxidants include any food that contains vitamin copper, and vitamin E. Research shows that people who lack enough antioxidants are at a greater risk of all types of arthritis.

Caution when taking
In as much as cashew nuts are beneficial to the joints, it may have some negative reactions at some point. They include;

i. Altering the function of calcium
Calcium is an essential substance for the bones. It is the major strength yielding substance to the bones in the body. Therefore, if you are using cashew nuts as a remedy to a certain condition, you should seek advice from a doctor before considering it. It interferes with the normal functioning of calcium. It is, however, a great substance for your general health and you can take as much as you can if you don’t have any health problems.

ii. It produces allergic reactions in some people
People react differently to a different substance. For instance, there are people who have very negative reactions to cashew nuts. If you are a victim of this, you should consult a doctor immediately for assistance because sometimes, it can be a critical health condition that requires immediate attention. Any individual who has ever suffered kidney problems should not take cashew nuts before consulting a doctor.

Other health benefits of cashew nuts
In addition to joint health, the cashew nuts also have other health benefits which included;


i. Lowering the risk of cancer
Cashew nut contains larger amounts of copper which play a major role in preventing colon cancer. Lack of copper in the body increases the production of phosphates and fecal radical which excess of it increases the chances of colon cancer. Cashew nuts also prevent anemia and heart problems.

ii. Remedying gallstones
Nurses’ health research shows that people who take cashew nuts are at a lower risk of gallstones compared to those who don’t.

A larger percentage of the health of our bodies is dependent on the food substances we take. The other smaller percentage is dependent on physical exercise. There are two major joint conditions; arthritis and normal joint pain but do cashew nuts help? Yes, it does since the majority of its contents ease the joint problems that associated with the joints. However, cashew nuts may have negative health effects as mentioned before. Therefore, some people should consult their doctors before considering it a snack.  Otherwise, cashew nuts are great for joint health.

Author: Adam Wilson

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