15 Inexpensive DIY Home Decorating Ideas To Transform Your Home

Home is where your heart is. But when you can have a change of heart, why not make some changes in your home? Variety is the spice of life, so kill your free time by sprucing up your life, in a way that will fail to dig a hole in your pocket.

1. Make your own wallpaper
Staring at a wall is quite boring, but when you gotta stare why not make it worth your while. Paint your wall your way, and in an easy way.


Organize your shit
Living cluttered has its own fun, but it drives one crazy to find something in a pile of mess. So pay a visit to a container store and buy yourself some beautiful looking containers to hold your stuff in. Not only will they add some color to your place, but will also reduce the mess.


 3. Beer love
Have some empty beer bottles laying around your room? Don’t throw them into waste, use it to decorate your space.
4. Make some light shine
Instead of buying some expensive night lights, make yourself a personalized night light by lighting your inner creative self.

5. Paint some rocks
Sounds really dull right? But trust us, it’s a whole lot of fun. Get some seashore rocks of various shapes and paint them up with your creative thoughts.

 6. Plant some life
Plants help in creating a very soothing ambience. Decorate some pots and make yourself a tiny beautiful garden.

 7. Pin up your thoughts
Choose some posters that suit your style and hang your thoughts on the wall.
8. Art some paper
Get your craft tools out, and cutout some colorful paper and out them up on your walls.

 9. Let your mirror, mirror your life
Decorate your plain old mirror with some beautiful craft so that when you look at it, it radiates your spark.
10. Greet your guests at the door
It’s not always about what’s on the inside, outsides matter too. Buy a doormat to greet your guests. This would add some aesthetic to the place.
 11. Get new curtains 
One can tell a lot about a home by the condition of the curtains. Go out or go online and shop some curtains that suit your style.
12. Make yourself some cozy comfort
Going to a store and buying cushions might turn out to be expensive shit. Instead, invest your time and sit at home and make yourself some big fluffy cushions and then buy some unique pillow covers and wrap them around them.
 13. Buy some cooking motivation

When you cook you cook with a lot of love, but you cannot disagree that sometimes to cook, it is tough. Shop some funky kitchen hangers and decorate your kitchen with some motivation.
14. Create your memory wall
Decorate your home with your memories. Pull up some of your favourite snaps and create a wall of memories out if them. It looks good and speaks good of you.

15. Buy some cheap antics
While you are getting all things new to make your home look new, it wouldn’t hurt to buy some old junk and give your house an antique touch.
You can buy a house, but you can only make a home. Invest your free time in these creative ways and give yourself a home makeover. But yet, if you are looking for a change of view, here’s where you can sell or buy a new homehttps://socalhomebuyers.com/ in a zap.

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