5 Secrets to Start Your Successful YouTube Channel

The ABC of YouTube Channels

Before starting your own successful YouTube channel, it is important that you go over other success stories and learn something from each one of them. Your success story will surely be different, however, it is up to you if you can build your project by learning from the others’ mistakes and not repeat them. Also, since the competition is a great difficulty in your way towards fame and success, you might need to analyze the market pretty well before starting your own channel.

We are all aware of the fact that hundreds of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube, which means that you have to find your personal success recipe for your video to not pass unnoticed. With over 1 billion users, your YouTube channel should be the one preferred by visitors and one which is ready to impress. Even though this might sound overwhelming at first, it is important that at this stage, you do a lot of research and documentation on how YouTube engine works, in order to find out how you can use it to your own advantage.


Why Should I Choose YouTube in 2018?

Vlogging is a quite recent phenomenon, which was mainly influenced by the effectiveness of a video over a written blog post. Even though a video will also contain and express content up to some extent, the advantages of vlogging over blogging are numerous. First of all, a video post will always have a better reach, as the author of the channel will be able to express himself better, be it through gesture, mimics or another visually creative way. Secondly, since we are living in a fast-forward world, keeping your audience entertained through a long blog post might not be the ideal way to do it. However, creating a short video on the topic you want to approach might encourage your audience to watch it and your message to get to them faster.

Last but not least, even if you don’t physically show up in your videos on YouTube, vlogging will still be considered more personal than blogging, as it allows your audience to get to know you better by just watching and sharing your message.

5 Tips to Start Your Successful YouTube Channel

Whether you are using your YouTube channel for tutorials, product reviews, courses or another type of content, there are a few steps that you should take into account when starting your YouTube channel:

  1.        Ask yourself the question ‘’Why would someone watch my video?’’. Two of the most common answers to this general question is that they either want to learn something useful that will help them solve a problem or they just want to have fun. Either way, it is important that you are consistent with your aim, at least in the beginning.
  2.       Plan ahead your first video. Make a written plan about what topics you are going to cover, how will the video be filmed and so on.
  3.       Make sure to provide good quality videos. In order to look professional, make sure that your videos are filmed with good tools, they are not blurred or recorded from weird positions.
  4.       Keep it simple. If you want to fully enjoy the power of making a video overwriting an article, make sure to use this to your advantage. Since uploading a video can help that your ideas get shared with the world in less than a few minutes, ensure that you are not boring.
  5.     Be creative – Find as many interesting as possible and follow the interests of your followers. This will help you filter your messages better and create loyal followers in time.

Are You Ready? – Upload Your First YouTube Video Now!

Many successful YouTube stories out there of people that have YouTube channels started with a click when they created a YouTube account. Make sure you understand the power of YouTube and how it can get you rich and with many followers overnight and start building your own successful YouTube story! What are you waiting for?

Author: Anabel Cooper

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