6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hit Your Kids

Have you ever seen parents beating their kids like anything? Probably you would have done that too. And, the reason that every parent gives for beating the little ones like a punching bag is - to correct their behavior. However, when you raise your hand against your son or daughter, there are consequences of doing the same. The physically disciplining of the kids has a dramatic impact on both the kid and the parent.

If you take up the history and the news these days, you’ll find that there have been a lot of cases and incidences where parents, teachers and the elders (in general), have faced penalties for raising their hands at the young ones. Behind doing such a thing and the strict laws against the act have certain reasons and that’s exactly we’ll be looking at in this blog.

This blog talks about the reasons why you SHOULDN’T be hitting your kids.

1.  It makes them a frustrated person

If you read case studies to an extent, you’ll discover that when a parent hits a child for a longer duration at a certain period of time, the child tends to get frustrated and adopt the same behavior. The extensive researches show that there is a direct correlation between being hit and adopting the same attitude. Why does this happen? This is human tendency to defend themselves when someone attacks you. Kids are humans too and they hit when they are hit in order to safeguard themselves. Hence, the frustration has build up and made him or her do the same thing that you do.

2. It is a response from the mishaps you are doing (try and understand)

When your little one is misbehaving and is being rude to you, this is the only way he/she has to respond to your cruel behavior. When you force them to stay awake or wake up early to study (lack of proper sleep), or no time for playing or experiencing the fresh air, and more. In the times when your child needs you the most, you are either making money or busy with your schedules. Hence, he/she gets rude to you and you hit him/her making them worse.

3. It interferes with your bond

Punishments are not always the positive kind of reinforcement for the little ones. Your kid looks up to you for all the good things, shopping for girls party wear, treats to a cricket match or anything that your kids like to do. However, when you slap your kid and continue to do it repeatedly in order to teach them to be a better human, they would start disliking you. Rather than looking up to you, they would stay away from you and wish that they never turn out to be like you. You would never get the love that you expect if you do NOT respect them and their point of views.
4. You become an abuser

Giving yourself the permission to raise your hand on your child makes you an abuser in no time. While hitting and in the due course, you wouldn’t realize how far have you come and hitting would just come easy for you. It would become an easy way to tone down the little one’s behavior. Well, more than settling him/her, you have become a different person altogether. So, it is not only the little one who’s getting affected by your behavior, you too are.

5. It is illegal

Just like we mentioned it up there that whether you are a parent or a teacher, hitting the kids is illegal. As adults, it is fine to see the kids as easy targets to take out the frustration, but aren’t they human beings? You should understand that when you raise your hand on your little ones, you can be punished severely for your actions by the law.

6. It can hurt them physically - terribly

When you are angry and you start hitting the kid, you go with the flow and in the middle of that, you’ll realize that you’ve hurt your little one. Mental harassment is one thing, but the physical pain can be very bad. You never know that where he/she starts bleeding. My mother used to beat up me and my younger brother. One day, she slapped him so hard that my brother started bleeding from his nose. So much so, that he bled every now and then without even being hit.

Are these enough to tell you that you shouldn’t be a parent who hits the kids? There are other ways to handle the behavior as well. Invest in them rather than raising your hands.

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