Driving Defense: 6 Ways to Fight a Traffic Ticket

Traffic laws keep us safe. Unfortunately, not all traffic tickets are fair. If you’re on the receiving end of an unfair traffic ticket, here are five ways to defend yourself:

1. Challenge the Ticket

It may seem simple, but the first step to challenging a traffic ticket is to demand a hearing in order to challenge the traffic ticket. Most states give you a limited amount of time to notify the court that you plan to contest the charges. If you don’t demand a hearing within a certain amount of time, you may lose your right to have a hearing.

2. Talk to the State’s Attorney

A state prosecutor or district attorney usually presents the case against you on behalf of the police. You can contact the attorney to talk with them about the case. If you remain calm and explain to them why you don’t feel you’re responsible for the offense, they may reconsider the charges against you. They may dismiss the charges, or they may agree to allow you to admit responsibility to a reduced offense.

3. Read Up on the Requirements

Some traffic offenses have a list of requirements the officer must follow in order to lawfully write a ticket. For example, many states require officers to undergo formal training before they use a moving radar. If you read up on these requirements, you can see if the officer involved in your case missed any of the steps.

4. Take Advantage of All Your Procedural Options

You may have a right to an informal hearing in front of a magistrate. If you don’t like the outcome of the hearing, you may request another hearing in front of a judge. Make sure that you demand all of the hearings and appeals that are available to you. A second judge might see things differently than the first judge.

5. Work with an Experienced Attorney

An experienced traffic ticket attorney has years of experience helping clients navigate traffic offenses. They can review your case in order to determine how to best approach it and fight the allegations against you. Whether they contact the state’s attorney or prepare to challenge the evidence in court, their expertise can help you attack the charges in a way that’s carefully calculated to best represent your interests.

6. Presenting Your Best Defense

A traffic ticket can raise your insurance rates and even tarnish your driving record. Even though a traffic ticket may be a civil infraction, you have a right to your day in court. Learning everything you can about the law and taking advantage of every option to attack the offense against you can ultimately result in a finding of not guilty and a dismissal of the charges against you.

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