Top 6 Tops That You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

Do you need to be a little more fun and stylish with some vibrant colors in your tops, then here are a few options for you that would flatter your feminine body in an amazing way. Today’s fashion is very different from the ones our parents used to have. Now, the styling of the clothes, the designs and even the way of wearing them is very different. 

Now, you can’t just compromise with your styling because there are many who get inspired by the way you dress. in the category of women’s tops there are various options which you must check out and in this blog, we are going to talk about that only. So, here we are exploring different types of women’s tops having unique cuts and patterns.

  •      The first in the list is ruffled tops: if we go with the current trends and fashion shows, then the romantic ruffled tops seriously wins everyone’s heart. They are a little bit extra stylish and looks cute on any types of bottoms like skirts, pencil jeans and even palazzo. They have a very cute girlish charm which is depicted in the ruffles at the neckline and this entire look provides an elegant appearance. 
  •        The versatile tunics: tunics are very versatile and they look good on every body shape from the hour-glass to apple. This is a kind of loose fitting top, which falls to the hip and its pattern have the cuts  like an Indian kurti. Simply, pair it up with leggings or skinny jeans and you would look attractive to all. Because of their loose fittings, tunics make the wearer appear larger, but they help in hiding the bulges and provides a slimmer illusion around the waist. When you pair them with a stylish belt, then the tunics make you appear more than amazing.

  •       Tank Tops: these tops have thin strips or straps, which can be narrow or wide having ruffles or may be a thin ribbon. For the chilly winters, these stunning tops are just perfect for layering in winters, the reason is that they are typically tight against the abdomen.

  •       The chic halter top: the halter tops that come with a tie back are the best option as an evening wear and for any party. There are some that even come with a gathered neckline that has an adjustable tie closure. If you want to show off your toned arms and slender shoulders, then you must get yourself a halter top with sleeveless style and straight hemlines.

  •       Wrap blouse styled tops: as the name suggests, this top wrap around the front of the blouse. The stylish elegance, which you get with this top is not possible with any other women’s tops. When you wear it with a smart pair of jeans, you would definitely grab some attention.
  •        Kaftan top: this top is very comfortable and is also suitable for any occasion. You can wear it at any time be it day or night. When you pair it with the right colored trouser, you can create your own striking look. And yes, they can also be a great cover-up for the bikini. They even come with embroidered gold or trimmed accents, sequins and beads that make them a wonderful evening wear.

If you want to explore more tops or want to buy the most amazing ones for your special day, then you can check online for the best option as per your budget and choice. Find coupons online like a Shein discount code and you can save money or buy even more items for the same price. You would definitely find a piece that suits you completely or could consider anyone from the above-given options.

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