4 Tips to Snorkeling for the first time

Doing things for the first time is exciting for most people but for others, it can be a struggle. Putting yourself in a situation in which you have never been, creates a response from your body, that is not always positive. There are some activities that require more courage than others, regardless of the fact that they are exciting and could definitely be a great life experience. Snorkeling is certainly one of these types of activities. If you are a first-time snorkeler, you may find the thought of submerging yourself in an underwater world terrifying.  While it is definitely something that may put you outside of your comfort zone, there is nothing to fear. Done correctly, you will have an amazing time and connect yourself with mother nature in a silent and relaxing ambiance. Here are some tips for making your first snorkeling adventure more enjoyable:

  1. Safety first: Regardless of if you are a strong swimmer or not, don’t take any risks the first time you snorkel. Always use your life vest and follow the instructions of the guide. Don’t try to put your equipment on by yourself or without instruction. The wrong use of equipment could put you in a dangerous situation. No matter how simple it looks to wear a mask and breathing tube, there are still best practices when it comes to wearing them. Most companies provide you with all the equipment you will need but if you want to purchase your own ahead of time, search online for details on scubalist.pro, where you will find everything you will need to start your adventure. Having your own equipment may make you feel more comfortable, as you can give it a try in the bathtub or pool ahead of time.

  1. Choose the right location: If you have never snorkeled before, stick to shallow water on your first try. You should try to snorkel right off of the beach or in a boat that does not go too far out. The currents are generally less strong in shallow water and it will be easier for you to put on your mask and try out your flippers. Snorkel at this depth a couple of times before you go for a deep reef. Once you dominate shallow waters, you will be looking forward to exploring the deep reefs and having the chance to see even more wildlife.

  1. Find a reliable company: As mentioned before, snorkeling with a guide for the first time is of huge importance. However, not just any guide. Make sure they or the company they work for are certified and that they have knowledge and experience. You don’t want to have an incident with an inexperienced staff. Pick your guide wisely and carefully to ensure a great experience that will be unforgettable. Online reviews and word of mouth are a great place to start!

  1. Snorkel in the morning: Keep in mind that your back will be facing the sun for the majority of your snorkeling trip. Even if you wear a t-shirt and the life vest, there are still some parts of your skin exposed to the sun. If you snorkel in the early morning, the sun rays are not strong and with a good sunblock, you will avoid burning your skin. Additionally, many species feed in the morning, so it is a great time to see an array of marine life.

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