First Time Going on a Wellness Retreat? Here’s What to Expect

Modern life can be very stressful for a lot of people. It seems like every minute of your day has been micromanaged from childhood all the way to the present. This can cause all kinds of mental, emotional and even physical problems for you, so it’s important that you take time out from the hustle and bustle of modern living and take some time to relax.

If you are considering attending a wellness retreat to help you unplug from your hectic lifestyle and think through some of the deeper issues in your life, you’re making a great decision. Wellness retreats can refresh you in ways that are difficult to put into words. But here are four things you might experience at a wellness retreat.

Instructional Classes or Lectures

Since there are many different types of retreats, the content of the lectures can vary greatly depending on the context and purpose of the event. Healing retreats tend to involve lectures from medical professionals that address specific medical conditions, modern treatments, traditional medicine, home remedies, dietary concerns and other approaches that can offer relief.
Spiritual and religious retreats will offer discussions on topics of that nature. Personal development retreats might offer talks from various speakers about goal setting, self-awareness, discovering your passion and similar topics.

Yoga, Meditation, and Other Relaxing Exercises

Spiritual retreats and relaxation lodges will usually have daily meditation sessions and yoga classes. Since most organizations hosting these events will invite a diverse crowd to attend, there may be different classes for participants at different skill levels, or there may be instructors who can help beginners with modified poses and meditation aids.

Massage and Spa Treatments

Relaxation is usually a focus at these retreats, whether they are intended for spiritual, religious, self-help or healing purposes. As such, massage therapy sessions and spa treatments are quite common. There might be different types of massage available, such as shiatsu, Swedish massage, and sessions which use different methods such as heat, essential oils or even acupuncture.

Alone Time for Self-Reflection

One of the threads common to almost all types of retreats is that there will be ample time set aside as free time and alone time. Attendees are encouraged to spend time in self-reflection to think deeply about the material discussed in the lectures and to examine themselves and what they hope to get out of these events.

Most retreats will also have some time designated for socializing, but those periods are usually separate from these self-reflection times. Many participants struggle with free time, due to their busy lifestyles, but this free time is one of the most important parts of the retreat, as self-awareness only occurs when the mind is stilled and distractions of daily life have a chance to melt away.

Going to a wellness retreat can be a life-changing event. If you’ve never been to a retreat like this, there’s nothing to be apprehensive about. You’ll be spending a few days with people just like you from all walks of life—people who want to better themselves and are open to new experiences and methods of personal growth. Every retreat will be unique in its own right, but most of them will contain the four activities listed above.

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