8 Essential Keto Diet Tips For Beginners

The low in carbohydrate and high in fat keto diet has been accredited as a potent weight loss tool. Studies have also revealed that keto diet aids in reducing the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and much more. Whenever we start with the keto diet, our body enters a state of ketosis whereby ketones get used by our anatomy for production of energy in place of glucose. The ketone bodies are a comparatively stable energy source than glucose derived out of carbohydrates. We often tend to make small mistakes while proceeding with this miracle diet, which can derail us from our ultimate health objective. Today, we shall take you through eight tips which can be of considerable aid in propelling you towards a healthier tomorrow.

      Intermittent Fasting

By taking up intermittent fasting, you can add inertia to your ketosis process by not consuming anything having carb content for an allotted period. Our body’s mitochondria can be manipulated by intermittent fasting, which has been linked to increase our lifespan. The excess glucose stored in our body gets depleted when we do not consume calories for some time. For initiating the fat burning process, our body needs to burn the glucose content initially. While starting out with intermittent fasting, skipping morning meals can be an effective way-out. Fat fasting serves as a common trick adopted by seasoned keto experts helping them topple over the weight loss plateau.

      Sleep Prioritization

The level of stress hormones in our body increase coupled with lack of proper sleep which can hinder our body from getting into the fat-burning mode. Thus, it becomes imperative to stick to an appropriate schedule of rest whenever you proceed with keto diet by going to bed the same time every day. Getting between seven to nine hours of sound sleep also becomes mandatory to accentuate its benefits. You are most likely to fall asleep if you keep the room dark and turn on the air-conditioner. Natural sleep aids such as melatonin can also be of considerable help if you find it difficult to fall asleep. 

      Reduce Stress

Chronic stress might hinder your body's ability to enter into ketosis since the level of blood sugar in our body gets elevated with the release of the stress hormone known as cortisol. This, in turn, prevents our body from creating energy by burning fats due to the high sugar content in our blood. Thus, embarking on a ketogenic mission might not be ideal if you are battling chronic stress. This nutrition plan generates maximum yield when you are free from pressure and can devote adequate time towards monitoring the diet. Exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, engaging in hobbies and following relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing or meditation can help you in combating the towering stress level.

      Increase Salt Consumption

People usually suffer from a misconception that consumption of sodium can be detrimental to their health. But this holds true only in the case of high in carb diets where the level of insulin in our body rises causing our kidneys to retain sodium. However, in a keto diet, it is advisable to consume an additional three to five grams of sodium to help you in avoiding electrolyte imbalance. Drinking organic bone broth daily, eating salted macadamia nuts, sprinkling pink salt over meals, consuming foods such as celery and cucumber rich in natural sodium are some of the best ways of getting some salt in your diet.

      Diminish Consumption Of Alcohol And Sugary Drinks

Heavy consumption of alcohol is infamous for slowing down the fat loss process although it deepens the ketosis level. Drinking alcohol on keto diet is also known to affect liver metabolism. Diet soda can also trick your body into consuming greater sugar amounts thus hiking up your blood sugar levels even if it advertises of having zero calorie count. Consuming zero-calorie sweeteners can also enhance your cravings for sweet drinks and foods in the future. Keto diet is known to re-calibrate your taste buds so that you start craving for low carb whole foods. However, this process cannot keep on coming back to track if you derail it time and again with sweet tasting foods.

      Regular Exercising

You can boost up ketone levels by maintaining a regular exercise schedule, which helps with the transition process. For getting into ketosis, your body might feel it necessary to get rid of its glucose content. Various forms of energy such as fats, carbohydrates, and amino acids get used up by our body while exercising thus depleting the glucose count. Your body will seek out fuel forms once it has obtained rid of the existing glycogen storages and will turn to fat for seeking out requisite energy to propel the ketosis drive. However, you need to incorporate both low and high-intensity exercises into your workout regimen for maintaining the right balance of blood sugar and helping your body attain ketosis easily.

      Moderate Protein Consumption

Consumption of excess protein can be equally harmful as that of carbohydrates while on a ketogenic diet. Your body will start the conversion process of protein into sugar through the gluconeogenesis process whenever you consume exorbitant protein. The type and frequency of exercise you engage into can determine the quantum of protein, which can be utilized by your body before turning the same into sugar. You can get away with more protein if you are engaging in heavy weight training exercises. The protein count should be kept low if you are more into low-intensity workouts.

      Increase Water Consumption

The absence of carbohydrates causes our body to excrete more water making it mandatory to keep it well hydrated during the same. You should drink at least half of your body weight in water ounces for reaping the total benefit. The water consumption should be increased on hot summer days or in the aftermath of intense workouts when you are sweating profusely.

It might take anything between three days to a week for entering into ketosis. But you need to proceed with confidence and stick to your core goal for benefitting from its ultimate returns.

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