Top 8 High Paying platforms for Influencers to Make Money in 2018

Influencer marketing is a field for the people who love to be social and interactive in various social media platforms. Its century of social media, hence if you are having good contacts on the social media, then it’s time to make money with social media. One of the enormous benefits of this is one does not need to invest anything to make money with social media. What you need to invest is your time, presence on social media, and of course, sign up in the leading influencer marketing platform. It will be the impressive career for you, as per one recent report all MNC companies will increase influencer marketing budget. Now, why all due to companies want their product to reach mass audiences and conventional marketing technique will not work. 

So, these companies need influencers who can influence the audience. Many of you have examined famous You tubers or bloggers to talk about particular companies product it is influencer marketing. Those celebrities or influencers receive a commission or fixed price for marketing. It’s not at all necessary for a person to have a blog or YouTube channel. One can join a leading influencer marketing platform like The Social Hook, where there is no blog or YouTube channel needed. Like, the same there is other best platform to make money online.
Let’s look at some of the top influencer marketing platforms.

The Social Hook is the leading marketing platform to make money online with social media. The dearest thing about The Social Hook is one can start earning without any YouTube channel and Blog. One needs to sign up with the platform to make money online. Here, one need share the link of the article in various social media platforms. Here, you need to be active on social media to share to more and more people as much as possible. One better thing about The Social Hook is that you are having the choice to promote from various niches like Travel, Gardening, Lifestyle, Women fashion, Men fashion, health, fitness, etc. One should select the niche which they are passionate about. The Social Hook dashboard is having all information about you're earning, that’s why it is the best platform to make money online. The reason behind to put The Social Hook in the first position is it is easiest to make money here. Take action and sign up in The Social Hook to make money online with social media and start making money through social contacts.

2. Pulpkey

This platform is providing influencers to promote leading brands of the Internet. Here, there is one automated platform is there for all the influencers. This automated platform makes easy for influencers to use it. The other vital thing about this platform is they provide good analytics. One can easily start up with the Pulpkey to make money online with social media. So, if want to work with leading brands then head to the Pulpkey best platform to make money online.


If you are a micro influencer, then this is the ideal site for you. is a platform which is run through the artificial intelligence. It is an automated platform, hence it is very easy to use and efficiency of the platform will also be excellent. So if you are interested in promoting new products, subsequently join and start making money online with social media.

4. Uplfluence

If you want to join international influencer marketing platform, then I would say to join here. The platform is not country-specific, but there are Indian influencers present in the platform. There are many filters option which helps both the Influencer as well as the clients.

5. Famebit

Famebit is also best platform for making money online with social media for the influencers. This platform is also having a part where influencers can collaborate with each other. However, it takes time for the influencers if you are applying for so many campaigns. Over here, Famebit takes charge of 10% of whatever you are earning.

6. Grapevine logic

It is similar to Famebit, where you need to submit your application to join the platform. Here, on this platform you will consider campaigns of distinctive niches, therefore it is leading influencer marketing platform. Although, on this platform, you need to take care that complete the project first which you are working in. In this profile, your application will reject if you apply the new campaign without completing your target of the current task.

7. Obviously Social

Sign up in the platform and the site will notify you when there is new campaign is launching. This platform is best for all size of influencers. Obviously social is having a genuine connection with multinational brands. The more you work for them more work you get in return for them. Here, there are great opportunities for influencers to make money online with social media, as many campaigns are coming and many go. Therefore grab an opportunity.

8. Brandsnob

If you are the one who loves fashion, then it is one of the top platforms to make money online. This platform is purely for product trading. Over here, you need to have for this particular platform, as right now a desktop version of it is not available. It is a robust platform for the medium-sized influencers.

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