Top 4 Cake Decorations Ideas for Business Anniversary

When we run a company, our first and most important goal is to make it grow and grow. If the business has been afloat for one, two or 40 years is because it’s been strong and competitive enough. A good way to celebrate the anniversary of a company is by treating our partners and relatives on a cake. 

This time, forget about simplicity, unique designs are better. The good news is that there are a lot of designs for this. You can use a wide variety of colors but this decision will basically depend on the motif and your business logo or branding. Is it worth it to hold this kind of event? It certainly is and in this article, we are going to talk about some amazing designs.

1. Silver decoration

What does silver color spring to mind? Probably a very important number, 25. When a company reaches its 25th anniversary is because it’s been well-managed and successful throughout the years. Silver can be combined with other colors such as white, black and blue. An Oreo and chocolate cake sounds like a great idea especially if you use silver, white and sky-blue for the design. Use one single candle for this kind of confections.

2. Silver glitter

You can make use of other types of decorations with a silver glitter. Overall, you can add hearts of different colors like brown and pink to change the tonalities. This cake is not completely silver. The anniversary number can be placed bang in the middle, especially if the cake has two tiers. This dessert rarely includes text but edible images.

3. Use of pearls for anniversary cakes

The use of pearls in the cake is common, especially in formal events. Pearls represent years, hardships, triumphs and goals. These tiny things can be added to almost any kind of cakes but they look better on white, golden, black, golden and sky-blue colored ones. Candied edible pearls are best.

4. Custom cakes – business-themed cakes

This point is a little more extensive. Feel free to order an online cake that includes your company logo. However, not all companies provide this service and this kind of custom cakes is more costly as the preparation takes more time and requires certain baking skills. Below are some examples:
* Use of edible dolls: it’s a very popular we often see in most wedding cakes. A great idea is a representation of you and your partner or the branding image (it looks great if it’s an animal). For instance, if you’re running a cereal manufacturer, and your branding image is a rooster, tell the baker to do a representation of the rooster for decoration.
* Logo: of course, including the logo is a great idea as well! Just make sure the shape of the cake doesn’t interfere with the logo design of your business. An alternative is to order a cake that represents the logo in shape.
*Mock-up cake: maybe, this is the most expensive but the most attractive of all the ideas. Order a unique cake that represents the facilities of your business. Find a company with a lot of years of experience in this kind of designs.  

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