4 Tips to Buying a Sewing Machine That can be Used While Traveling

With so many sewing machine brands available, deciding on the ideal sewing machine that is portable enough to travel with can be a challenge. Making the right choice needs time while taking into consideration various factors before narrowing down one that will suit your needs.
Do not just go into a shop and pick any machine that looks pleasing to your eye. Each sewing machine has its own use depending on the features it has. Here are four tips to buying a sewing machine that can be used while travelling.

Main function

It is important that you determine what you will be using the machine for before you decide on the type. By knowing this you will know which features are essential to performing the function you want. Do you want a machine that is versatile that can mend, hem or tailor? Consider the type of stitches available mostly straight stitch, zigzag stitch, and buttonholes.
A machine with a free arm is the best for hemming. Also, check which fabrics the machine can sew. Different types of sewing machine work with different fabrics, some heavy and some light. If you intend it for lighter materials for home use such as home DIY projects you don’t have to go for one with too many features. One with an automatic buttonhole is ideal for professional tailoring.


A sewing machine that performs basic sewing functions should be able to sew different material from satin, cotton to denim. Ensure that during sewing the machine does not pucker, stretch or produce loose stitches. Machines with the feed dog adjustment are great for freestyle embroidery or darning. This can be bought for home use as well as professional tailoring purposes whether you want to tailor a suit or a Gown.
Features such as the foot pedal and controls are very important. The controls should be simple to use and easy to reach for a smooth experience. Find one with a light control that will enable you to stitch even during at night.


Sewing machines come at different prices depending on the features and functionality. Although you can find lower end priced machines it is best that you buy a sewing machine that is quality rather than base it on the cost. Cheap machines can end up disappointing you in the end. However, even on a budget, you can still get a quality machine with the features that you need.
Quality second-hand machines are also available. some manufacturers sell extra accessories like bobbins, needles, and thread along with the machine during purchase. This can be a great boost, especially if you are on a budget.


If you are travelling find a machine that is lightweight. Most lightweight machines are made of plastic and include a small motor and a light switch. This will be easier to carry although most are not ideal for thicker fabrics.
It is always recommended that you check several manufacturers before buying a sewing machine. Take a look at several portable machines featured on bestsewingmachines.reviews. This will help you decide on the right machine suitable for your needs.

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