Top 5 Kids Activities in Melbourne

Kids are so fun to hang out with but when traveling with them, they can drive you nuts. This is why it is very important to take the kids to places they will enjoy. If you are a family traveling to Melbourne for the first time with kids, you will most likely feel lost on how best to engage your children. Heck, maybe you even landed here by Googling “Look for kids activities Melbourne.” But don’t worry – we have the best picks that will leave your litter craving for more. Here are the top five kid activities in Melbourne.

• Luna Park
You kids will never forget walking through the giant Luna park mouth. As soon as you get swallowed by giant mouth, your kids will be treated to thrilling carnival flair that is appropriate for kids of all ages. The little ones will most likely enjoy the Arabian Merry or the Silly Serpent while the older kids will find the power surge enterprise absolutely amazing. However, the real highlight will be the railway roller coaster that runs around the park.
• Pauline Gandel Gallery
If you are only traveling with young children (under 5 years), then the Pauline Gandel Gallery is a must see. The gallery was established with the purpose of setting new standards for early childhood development. Your kids will find the dinosaur dig quite entertaining but the greatest thrill of the gallery is the camouflage disco which has a mirror wall and breathtaking soundscapes.
• Funfields
Even though Funfileds was opened in 1985, it has never grown old and remains one of the favorite destinations for kids in the Melbourne area. The entry ticket gives you access to a total of 22 rides as well as water play area for the kids. The facility has customized mini go-karts, Ferris wheels, and carousels that are made just for the little ones. The waterslides are the highlights of fun fields so make sure to carry your bathers.
• Collingwood Children’s farm
Since most city kids never get a chance to visit a farm, the Collingwood children farm will be a treat. They can milk the cows, feed the poultry, ride ponies, and play with the baby lambs. If you are there over the weekend, you can also take advantage of the weekly farmers market which happens on Saturdays, to take some fresh produce back home. The highlight of the trip is eating at their farm café which serves sumptuous meals prepared with the paddock-to-plate policy. This means they make everything from scratch and source all other ingredients locally.
• Clip ‘n’ Climb
Ever since they opened their doors in 2013, Clip ‘n’ Climb has continued to grow in popularity. What makes it stand out from other climbing experiences is the fact that they have a total of 33 different climbs each with a unique theme and different difficulty level. You can add some thrill to it by racing your friends on the speed walls or using the challenging boards to tackle the walls differently.
So there you have it – the top five activities to do with kids in Melbourne. Enjoy!

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