Tips to Have Fun with Your Kids and Survive Long Holidays

Every parent loves their kids – but when the school holidays come, bored kids can start looking for creative ways of having fun and this is the code word for disaster. It easily leaves most parents wishing the holidays were over already. Here are some useful tips that can help you cope with the long holidays with the kids getting on your nerves each chance they get.

1. Empathize with the little ones

Being a parent is super stressful but the stress gets to an all-time high during the school holidays.  Unfortunately, most parents are usually so stressed that they forget that their children are stressed as well. Remember, your kids are missing their routines and friends from school and they might also feel overwhelmed with the family events – some of which are usually forced down their throats. Others have to deal with the unfortunate luck of spending more time with a bossy sibling. A little empathy can help you understand your kids and this will help you cope better in the long-run. 

2. Think twice about forced involvement

Most families have long-lasting traditions. Maybe it is caroling during Christmas or taking a trip upcountry. Whatever your tradition is, make sure you listen to the frustrations of your kids instead of forcing them to play along against their wish. You might get what you want during the event but then have to deal with an irritated and sulking kid for the remainder of the holidays. It’s just not worth it. The family traditions are good if they help you connect more as a family but if they end up tearing the family fabric, it is best to think of inventing new ones that work for everyone. It's very important to be a part of your kid's activities and enjoy it.

3. Listen better

Sometimes, kids get upset because no one is really listening to them. Instead of getting mad with them all the time, take some time to really listen to them. Let them know you are giving them attention. If they are unhappy, ask them about it and try to get to the bottom of it. Obviously, you must establish an environment of trust. If your kids fear that you will scold them or react in some other way, they may not open up to you.

4. Timeouts

We all need to take a timeout every now and then. Make it known that it is ok for someone to take a timeout. Establish some ground rules around it. For instance, come up with a system of notifying others that you are taking a timeout. It could be a sign on a doorknob or you might also decide to designate one room as the quiet room. However, make sure to attach time limits to the timeouts, say like half an hour. Failure to do this will just give your kids a great place to hide from the rest of the family.
If it gets too overwhelming you can contact team kids for help. Team kids specialize in providing outside school hours care for children and they do this by creating exciting and engaging programs that will entrain your kids.  This can free up your time during the holidays to do some other things as well.

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