Planning Ahead for a Trip to Texas - Quick Tips

Texas is an ideal destination for a family vacation. Although Houston and Dallas are trendy cities, the Fort Worth/Hurst area is the lesser-visited gem that’s worth discovering! In order to enjoy your stay in Fort Worth, you'll need a practical plan that can simplify your travel routines. If you’re just starting to plan a trip to Texas, this guide can help you along the way.

Key Considerations

Because the Fort Worth/Hurst area is large, most car trips to different destinations will be somewhat long. If your rental vehicle doesn't have a great layout, everyone's comfort will suffer on the road. The best vehicle for frequent trips around Fort Worth and Hurst is an SUV. When selecting an SUV, you'll make every routine more enjoyable if you rent a vehicle that has:

  • Reclining seats

  • Great climate control system

  • Reasonable storage space

  • Entertainment tech for the kids

  • Chargers for your devices

Hotel Options

Upon arriving in the Fort Worth/Hurst area, you'll need to book a suite. The best hotel options include

Hyatt Place Fort Worth/Hurst
If you're looking for a modern hotel, the Hyatt Place is a great choice. They have a spacious pool, a fitness center, and many other great amenities. In each suite, there is a contemporary design that appeals to everyone. Teens can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi while grown-ups unwind by the pool.

Americas Best Value Inn
Americas Best Value Inn is an informal spot that also has a pool area. While staying at Americas Best Value Inn, everyone can order food around the clock because the main kitchen has a 24/7 dining staff.


If you're going to check out attractions in Fort Worth and Hurst, ensure that everyone wears comfortable shoes. One other tip on this front: don’t try out your newest shoes no matter how much you want to show them off. Stick with broken-in shoes to avoid blisters.

Among all of the great attractions, the following destinations are great for everyone:

North East Mall
This mall has hundreds of stores that sell any and all kinds products. Because its a super-regional shopping mall, you'll find dozens of restaurants and a variety of entertainment options in the building as well.

Artisan Center Theater
Artisan Center Theater is a place where people can enjoy musical performances. This theater has 195 seats, so everyone can unwind in comfort while enjoying the acts on stage.


Many trendy restaurants that serve southwestern dishes are scattered around the Fort Worth/Hurst area. However, the following spots have options that are ideal for foodies and picky eaters, alike:

Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant
The chef at this restaurant has mastered Mexican dishes. If you want to order a meal from a business that was voted the best Mexican spot for over a decade, this destination is worth considering.

Catfish & Co
Catfish & Co sells fried seafood dishes that are packed with flavor. Everyone will enjoy each crunchy piece of fish because the chef cooks the fish with Cajun seasonings.

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