Simple Tricks to Prepare Yourself for a Facelift

A facelift is famous around the world to change your facial appearance. With facelift cosmetic surgery, you can eliminate sagging cheeks and unappealing jowls. If you want to receive a facelift, make sure to choose a reliable face lift mississauga clinic in your area. Before your cosmetic surgery, you have to prepare yourself for the surgery and recovery process. Here are some tricks for your assistance.

Pre-operative Appointment

Carefully select a doctor who can provide you with incredible results, realistic looks and pay attention to your health. Ensure a pre-operative appointment so that your doctor can check you for surgery and general anesthesia. You will receive anesthesia on the day of surgery.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunburns and facelift incisions can’t be mixed; therefore, use sunscreen generously before your cosmetic surgery. It will help you to avoid allergies and a sunburn. Make sure to wear it regularly almost weeks before your surgery.  

Pain Medications

Your doctor will prescribe you some pain medications before surgery. It is important to buy these medicines in advance to avoid any tension. Keep it in mind that discomfort and pain from a facelift are unavoidable, so maintain a good stock of pain medications. You can’t miss even a dose of these pills.

Quit Tobacco Products or Smoking

Smoking is famous for its detrimental effects on your body organs, but it is not suitable for your surgery. Tobacco can constrict your blood flow, and it is not good for patients undergoing an operation. Moreover, the tobacco products can cause constriction in blood flow and increase complications in your surgery. If you are addicted to tobacco products, you have to quit this habit before your facelift. 

Ask Your Friend or Relative to Help

Ask someone to accompany you for surgery. You will receive general anesthesia that is really powerful. This medication may make you unconscious for a long duration. In this situation, you can’t drive your vehicle, so ask someone to drive you to home after your surgery.

Stop Alcohol almost 5 to 7 Days before Your Facelift

Are you nervous before going under the knife and thinking to drink some wine to decrease your stress? Don’t do this because  alcohol can thicken your blood, and you may experience extreme bleeding during your surgery.  By avoiding alcohol consumption for 5 – 7 days before surgery, you can stay on the safer side. 

Shampoo Your Hair

Rinse your hair one night before surgery to prevent infection. The surgeon often makes incisions in your hairline to hide your telltale signs. After surgery, you will not be able to wash your hair for several days.

Start Fasting a Night Before Surgery

You must have an empty stomach before your surgery, so start fasting a night before surgery. Depending on the time of surgery, you must stop eating before midnight. General anesthesia and food should not mix, so you have to arrive at the clinic with your empty stomach.

Decrease Mental Stress

Stress is not good for your surgery, so decrease your anxiety before the facelift. Try some relaxation techniques or do some exercises to minimize stress. Reducing stress can enhance the results of your facelift. 

Disclaimer: This article does not promote nor encourage any of the above mentioned information without parental and doctor’s advise. And this article will not be held responsible for any bad unexpected results which could be because of this procedure.

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