10 best baby things to buy before baby birth

Congratulations to the mom-to-be! It can be very exciting and partly scary to learn that you're going to have a baby. Any parent will tell you that their life changed when they had their baby. There's a lot to back up that statement, since everything from how you work to how to eat and sleep changes drastically.

Regardless of if you're really anxious now, or really excited, you can be sure that your child will bring you a lot of joy when he/she arrives!

That being said, a lot of times, it can be confusing as to what to buy for your baby. From all the advice you get from your family and friends, the situation gets a little too messy in your mind, and it becomes more difficult to decide if something is needed or not. Or, other new parents buy literally everything that someone suggests that they would need. This is bad and everyone should consider all options before they spend any of their hard-earned pennies.
There is no shortage of advice for parents-to-be, but the way out of this is by sitting down and looking up stuff and making sure you know WHY you need them.
That being said, here are 10 things you will need for your baby-

1. Baby clothes

 They are available in large variety and you have a ton of options. You don't really have to worry there, I'll walk you through it.
Baby clothes, like other children's clothing, are usually sized by age, but the size can vary slightly between different brands. Clothes for a 3-month old might fit your 4-month old baby just right in one brand, but be too tight in another brand.

You can look for clothes that also list height/weight guidelines to help you find the clothes that will fit your baby best.

Also, babies grow much faster than you think. So you gotta get some clothes in the next size beforehand, this will really make your job as a parent easy. Don't say no to hand-me-downs either, they'll just help you make sure that you always have the right size handy for your baby.

Here's a list of clothing you should look into –
Onesies for comfort, Shirts for baby's day out, hats, mittens, socks, shoes (not soled ones, at least in the beginning), and last but most importantly sleepers. Sleepers are super important since they are easy to take off and you're gonna love them more when you have to change your baby in the middle of the night.

2. Diapers and wipes


Regardless of whether you use disposable ones or cloth ones, you will probably go through at least 10 a day in the beginning. So you have to plan in advance and avoid getting a lot of them right off the bat. Start with normal packs, of different brands, just to test the waters so to speak.
You want to make sure you ultimately buy a lot of what suits your baby's skin.


Have plenty of these on hand, since you're probably gonna need more of these than the diapers if you think about it. They come in alcohol-free variants too now, so make sure you consider all options.

3.Changing pad or table

 You don't really need a table per se, but you have to get one if you don't have a designated place for changing your baby's diapers.

4.Baby carrier

 Carry your baby hands-free! Having a baby carrier also means that your baby is snuggled up close to you. Make sure that it has all the safety straps needed before you buy one. It is a good idea to also check to see if it can be easily cleaned.


 You're going to have to leave the house at some point. So get a stroller so your baby can get some fresh air with you!

6.Car seat

 This is mandatory. Don't buy one second-hand under any circumstances, since you don't want one that doesn't meet current safety guidelines, or worse, one that has been in an accident. You need one to keep your baby safe, since the safety measures in your car are meant to work for adults.


 Don't get puffy coats for your child! Sure, they keep your baby warm, and you don't want them falling sick in the cold.
But they aren't safe to wear in cars, since they compress a lot. They’re not very costly, you can get some from brands like birdyboutique. Also they increase the amount of slack in the seat belt significantly. This can be very dangerous.
If your child is in the car with you, make sure that you and the baby both aren't wearing a jacket or coat, or any other puffy clothing.

8.Crib and mattress

 You won't need a crib right away, since most parents prefer co-sleeping, to keep a watchful eye on the baby. Choosing a bassinet makes doing this easier. But you'll need a crib for your baby at some point, so it is definitely helpful to buy one ahead of time. Again, don't get second-hand cribs. Please. You don't know if it meets current safety standards or not. Even if you are buying one used, make sure that it's sturdy. Get a mattress that fits snugly into the crib.
Don't have any soft toys or blankets, they pose a risk of suffocation to your child.


9. Blankets

Oh, don't babies love to be swaddled? They calm down right away! There are blankets available just for this purpose, and can really make your life easier.

Wearable blankets
They go over your baby's pajamas and keep your baby warm at night. They replace traditional blankets, which as I mentioned aren't safe for babies. You might not need these depending on where you live. If you think it's warm enough, don't put on extra clothing, this may cause a cranky baby from overheating.

10.Baby monitor

You can keep an eye on your baby when you're in another room, which is great! Be sure it's close enough to your baby to pick up sounds, and far enough so the baby can't reach the cord, if there is one. They come in models that provide you with just the audio of the room, and more expensive models that also show you video.

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