6 Delicious Food Items To Keep Up With The Scorching Heat

As the mercury has come to a rise, it is a clear call to get geared up for the season. Summers with a harsh sun on top during day time isn’t a delightful gesture to get out in the open. People are prone to different types of problems such as heat strokes, sunburns, etc. Avoiding heatstroke and other similar circumstances is just a matter of the food quality and variety you eat.

If one is fit and healthy on the inside, then it develops a fair chance to sustain the season or better yet enjoy it. Just having these delicious dishes can help you grow a stronger and summer-proof immune system.


Being an hour out in the sun drains out most of the water from our body which makes us dehydrated. Dehydration is a very common indisposition amongst people and most of them are not even aware of it which can be very deleterious to them. Watermelon incorporates more than 90% of the water in it which compensates the water loss we face during this season. It also contains lycopene which fortifies our skin cells from the sun.


Another delicious remedy to shield us from this blistering heat. Yogurt is a protein-rich snack which will keep you from overloading your stomach with high-calorie snacks. This is also a good measure to maintain a healthy diet and ensuring you don’t stuff in too much because it causes a lot of problems during the summer season. Yogurt contains probiotics which help in running the digestive system smoothly and comfortably. You can visit pinterest.com/originalsaigonrestaurant in order to enjoy yogurt and some other delicacies that can effectively come handy when you need a rescue from unbearably hot days.

    Fruit custard

This is an eminently delicious dessert you can have in summers. Custard is a semi-liquid dish which consists of apples, grapes, pomegranate and any other fruit or dry fruit as chefs like to keep the dessert sweet. Tiny chopped pieces of these fruits are mixed thoroughly in cream to make it easily edible and to fill the stomach and prevent unhealthy eating.


They are rich in fibers which are good for the muscles and don’t incur fatigue in the consumer. It contains two essential antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin which are well known for their shielding act from the ultraviolet rays. Corns are having a great diversity when it comes to cooking. Baby corns hold the same benefits and are also used directly for cooking because of having a splendid taste. Sweet corn is the most known dish made by corns also the most favorite for many people.

    Coconut water

The most inexpensive and readily available beverage and also a remedy to most problems faced in summers. It consists of electrolytes in abundance which are one of the best hydrating agents. It brings a bright glow to your skin and furnishes anti-ageing properties. Besides, it is a naturally refreshing summer drink, so it’s best not to waste your hard earned money on artificial coolers.

    Aam Panna

This is relishing sweet and sour beverage. It has an Indian origin which makes it mandatory to have a bit of spices in it. It's well known for its heat resistant measures. It is made up of raw mangoes which makes it a rich source of pectin. It has a sour taste due to the presence of oxalic and citric acids. It is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.

Summer is the season which covers most of the time across a year, in order to enjoy it and not to be hit by severe health issues one must look into the above-mentioned food items. They are not only protecting our bodies from the aftermath of summers but are also giving away numerous skin and digestive benefits plus they are a feast to the belly.

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