How Can SMS Marketing Contribute to Boosting Your E-commerce Sales

You already know that text messages have an open rate of 98% in comparison to 30% for emails. This is why most of the e-commerce businesses have started leveraging SMS marketing to build better relationships with customers. This channel of marketing is not only useful but also extremely popular and can be proved to be extremely beneficial when it is done appropriately. 

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is the technique, which uses permission-based SMS messaging for spreading promotional messages. To receive SMS messages from any e-commerce businesses like updates regarding new products or specials, customers are required to opt-in to automated systems by texting initial shortcodes. 

You need to consider SMS as one of the secret marketing tools that will help your customers to engage with the brand through their smartphones. It has been long since every e-commerce business is talking at their audience as opposed to talking to them. SMS marketing will help you to engage with the customers personally. 

Why are SMSs useful tools of marketing?

Just like the other methods of reaching customers, the system of texting can also be extremely effective when it is done appropriately. There is a constant push to smartphones, which are responsible for driving more potential currently. 
·      Almost 87% of the millennials are constantly on their smartphones. With this many people having powerful mini-computers with them; every merchant has a channel of building loyalty and trust with the customer base. 
·      More than 80% of millennials prefer checking their devices as soon as they wake up. Their smartphones are almost always handy and can be used for anything and everything right from looking for appropriate information to check out the latest updates on social media. 
·      Consumers also prefer opening texts in comparison to opening emails. The time taken by any recipient to open a text message is approximately three minutes, as stated by For instance, if you are sending abandoned cart texts, they are not only going to open the text message faster but they will also not think twice about taking actions. 

SMS marketing has huge benefits

There are numerous advantages associated with sending SMS messages to online shoppers. Almost all the high growth e-commerce businesses are making use of SMS marketing to send limited offers, information regarding the launch of new products, reminders for cart abandonment, etc. Given below is a list of the benefits of SMS marketing that e-commerce businesses need to know!

Can be tracked easily

It is extremely easy to monitor an SMS marketing campaign. The method is almost similar to tracking a Facebook campaign or Google AdWords. You will also get analytical insights regarding everything that works and also the things that do not work. Your offer, conversion rates, and copy will be responsible for dictating what step you are going to take next. 

A high rate of engagement

As already mentioned before, four out of five millennials prefer opening their SMS messages right after they wake up. Also, they constantly have their smartphones on them. Therefore, you can be assured that your messages are also going to be opened, which will lead to a higher engagement rate, in comparison to other methods of marketing. 

Fast delivery

Text messages can be transmitted very fast. You have the option of sending text messages almost instantly and also receive clicks within a few minutes of sending the messages. You can make sure that your brand always remains on the mind of your shoppers. 

Extremely simple and easy to use

Text messaging for an e-commerce business is simple and easy and you do not have to remain stressed. Right from cart reminders to sales, the cases are going to be endless. You need to ensure that you are remaining as creative as possible and deliver an engaging and unique mobile experience to your audience. 

Sending the first SMS: Tips to follow

If you are ready for launching the first-ever SMS campaign, you should familiarize yourself with different rules, which will assist e-commerce market shares to make use of this channel effectively. Therefore, the first and most important hurdle that you have to overcome is getting opt-ins from your customers. Shortcodes are going to work ideally and they also offer less friction. To know more, you can visit . 
Given below is a list of tips that you should follow. 

Define the business goals and objectives

If you are correctly executing everything, SMS marketing is undoubtedly going to become a top channel for revenue generation. However, you also have to define key performance indicators, which are going to center around various important metrics like the growth of the subscribers, new revenue, and most importantly, new opt-ins. 

Concentrate on growing subscribers

The next step is setting a proper system in place by concentrating on growing the list of subscribers, which is the money list. There are various ways of quickly scaling the list by making use of various paid tools and email communication to the current subscribers. 

Segment the subscribers and ensure that you are sending appropriate messages

You need to leverage the existing customer data and create drip campaigns for targeting new subscribers with welcome messages, setting up abandoned cart reminders, or you can even target consumers who have not purchased anything recently. 

Top tactics and SMS marketing strategies

Given below is a list of tips that can help in increasing conversion as well as driving sales. 
·      You can target the audience by making use of custom tags and segments. 
·      Sending abandoned cart reminders is also an important way of increasing conversion. 
·      Start short surveys and ask your customers regarding the views that they have on your recently launched products.
·      To boost engagement, you can also plan giveaways. 
·      Do not forget to have a clear call to action buttons. 


There is no denying the fact that the landscape of e-commerce businesses is becoming more competitive with each passing day. This is why you need to consider SMS marketing to gain more customers, retain them, and also make your brand gain success. 

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