5 affordable and easy ways to promote your business online

Marketing starts with the customer and ends with the customer. Every action you take to promote your product is only to attract consumers and persuade them to buy your product. But marketing is never cheap. Billboards, hoardings, newspaper and television ads, all these cost a fortune and just might bleed you dry of all your finances. So how to get your brand to all your consumers right in your budget? The answer is the World Wide Web.
promoting business online - for the first timer
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At a stipulated cost you can not only reach billions of consumers, but also extensively promote your brand and its products, create a brand image and make major sales happen. But, connecting with consumers over the internet is a very daunting task, because there are different kinds of consumers with different mentalities, backgrounds and preferences.
 Marketing your business online can be a full time job. While there are many ways to promote your business products and services to potential customers, there are 5 valuable ways that we would like to highlight.

1.     Get your own website or mobile app

Needlessly to say, almost everybody has access to internet, due to which all business are shifting to e-commerce.  A website or a mobile app, let’s your customers have access to you at all hours. Not only can they shop, they can visit the site and look up all their requirements any time they want. A web portal is a big time money saver, as not only can you save thousands on shop rent, salesmen and electricity, but also showcase your latest products to billions of consumers at just a push of a button.  So, if your business is not yet online, then it’s high time to re-think your business model.

2.     Free Website Listings On Search Engines

Organic search is a free and popular method to promote your business online. Organic search results refer to the free website results on search engines like Google. Ideally, you would want your website listed on the first page. But that might not be possible due to the buck load of competition present. So you need to take a few steps to ensure that organic search works for you.
Ø  Ensure that your domain is listed on Google. If not, visit google.com/addurl and add it.
Ø Secondly, you need to make your website search friendly, i.e. make sure your website has images, texts and other kinds of contents that are related to words that people use, while searching for products and services like yours.

3.     Embrace Social Media

Simply put, social media marketing is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to get your business rolling. Social media sites such as twitter, facebook, LinedIn and instragram is a great space to show off what’s great and happening about your company and get a buck load of free publicity. You expect your brand and name to become more recognizable so that when someone does need a company like yours, you are the first to come to mind. What’s more, you can also advertize your company in the featured ads section at a minimal amount.

4.     Email Marketing

Forwarded emails are the most used, cheap form of marketing, used by multi-national companies to budding startups. This method, let’s you communicate your message to your customers without actually disturbing them. The trick to get render sales from email marketing lies in content. Try to limit your words and put more emphasis on your graphics. Say for example, you are selling an ice-cream. So what kind of email is more likely to help you generate a sale, a picture of a mouth-watering ice cream, or a detailed description email about the same? Email marketing is all about creativity. You have to be creative enough to compel your customer to click the link and see what you are offering.

5.     YouTube advertising

Not every company can make million dollar ads and publish it on television. Youtube is the second best visual platform where you can showcase your great ads without spending a buck. The biggest benefit of Youtube is that you can easily share your ads on your social links and sync the whole process of advertizing. Not just ads, press releases, company interviews and celebrations and more can be shared, which would help you create a brand image and get more recognition.

The key to any advertizing campaign is creativity. So whether you are posting graphics on social sites or uploading company ads, you have to be out of the box, so that you can grab their attention. One very big advantage of online marketing is that, you are not the only one promoting your product. Your customers play a very vital role here, as they have the capability to take your ad forward to others simply by liking it or sharing it. So if you are planning to promote your business with some surplus cash try out these tricks and get the bills rolling.

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