4 Tips On The Brand, The Product, and How to Market

Your brand is one of the most important tools at your disposal, but at the same time, it can be your downfall. Every time anyone comes in contact with whatever part of your business, your brand is involved. Having a positively recognized brand will not only attract customers, but it will also help you recruit talent and draw possible investors.

There are tons to learn when you're trying to improve your brand. However, you should also look into building up the brand of your individual products. In a nutshell — Apple is the brand and iPhone is the product. Yes, the iPhone shares in the successes and failures of the bigger Apple brand and vice versa, but the iPhone also enjoys its own brand recognition. This is why fans of the product are not necessarily fans of the brand in general.

Here are a few other things you need to understand when you're working to improve your product branding

Consistent but Different

Going back to the example above, Apple and the iPhone have similarities in their branding. That sleek, chic, minimalist look is famous the world over. Apple products are also mostly associated with aluminum finishes, which people know to be durable (iPhone 6 notwithstanding). Meanwhile, the iPhone also has some positive associations to its name that it doesn't share with its umbrella brand. One example is how the iPhone became famous for gaming. Because of strong App Store support in the early days, many enjoyable and viral games were introduced for iPhones (and iPods and iPads). This couldn't be farther from how PC gamers view the Mac. 
Your product's brand has to be able to stand on its own and at the same time, contribute to the umbrella brand. Logo and design elements can help. It would be good if the strengths of your umbrella brand are evident in your products as well.

Your Target Audience

Much about marketing is done with particular target audiences in mind. You'll have a difficult time if you don't identify this early on and try to market for everyone. 
Your products' brand should also operate in the same way. Different items in your product range should have specific target markets. Your brand for each product should clearly express which markets those are. For example, products with cartoon mascots are most likely aimed towards kids. 

Understand your target market thoroughly and use this to your advantage.


How you present your product is essential to its success. Even if you have the most effective, best value product out there, it can't fully reach its sales potential if you package it poorly, particularly if you only sell your products online. Your packaged good is the only physical interaction that your clients will have with you and your brand. Make sure your packaging reflects the value of your business in general.
There are many packaging suppliers in Utah that you can work with to help you figure out how best to present your products. If your product line allows it, you may want to consider adopting flexible packaging because of its many advantages over its rigid counterpart. 

Brand Messaging

Your brand messaging ties everything together. It is the underlying message being conveyed through all your touchpoints. In strategizing your marketing approach, it's best to figure out what your products and your business is trying to say. A coherent and consistent message across all your brands and products will boost your brand recognition and help you earn your customers' trust. Just make sure you deliver on what you say.

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