Top 4 Ways to Keep Elderly Parents Safe from Abuse

Elderly people and children are among some of the most vulnerable part of the population. They are often unable to speak out, and they can be easily influenced or suppressed. Both groups are reliant on others for support, which can be taken advantage of. But unlike child abuse, elder abuse is talked about less frequently. It is often underreported as well. 

For every incidence of reported elder abuse, there are five unreported ones. This type of abuse can consist of emotional, physical, and financial ways of exerting control. This is one of the primary reasons many people are afraid of sending their elderly parents to nursing homes and hospitals. While that may be unavoidable in certain circumstances, here are some things that you can do to make sure that your elderly mother or father is safe.

Put effort into improving communication

The best way to find out if your elderly parent is getting abused is to communicate with them frequently. Pay visits and hold daily phone calls. If your parent lives in a nursing home, leaving them isolated will open them up for abuse. Instead of keeping them isolated, always make sure to include them. Pay visits often, or bring them home for a couple of days if necessary. This will keep them strong mentally. They will be able to speak up if they have experienced something unpleasant. Part of communication is to be observant and to watch out for the signs of elder abuse.

Keep them at home if possible

The best way to ensure that elderly people are not being exposed to an unsafe environment is to have them at home. You can assign a caregiver to look after them, though the caregiver will also have to be monitored. This can be harder for those who are sick, those who suffer from a chronic illness, or those who require frequent doctor visits. There are home health care service providers like Serenity Home Health who can simplify the process for you by giving them treatment or therapy at home.

Be careful of financial decisions

Always be wary of an outsider suddenly factoring into their financial decisions. Keep an eye on their financials with their permission. If you notice anything strange, ask them about it. Caregivers or family members can often coerce them to rewrite their wills.

Keep them updated from modern scams

Most elderly people are not familiar with modern scams carried out online. Before hooking them up to the Internet, explain the dangers of scams and fraud. Tell them to never put in their financial information online or talk to strangers. Help them differentiate bots and spam. They should also be guided in avoiding making friends with strangers on the Internet. Remember that this world is quite new to them, so they need help getting accustomed.

The most important step that you can take to protect your elderly parent is to keep them aware. Stay in touch, and be there for them when necessary. Elder abuse can be of many types. Although it can happen, taking these steps will significantly lower the chance of it happening to your parent.

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