Can A Singapore Visit Visa Be Converted Into A Work Visa?

Singapore is one of Asia’s biggest economic hubs. It has been ranked as one of the top countries in the world where you can live and work. That is why every year people are striving to either launch a business or look for a job in Singapore due to the numerous opportunities available there.
All these factors together with good infrastructure and incredible tourist attraction sites have made Singapore attract a huge number of tourists and people seeking employment. Many global companies are operating in Singapore meaning that there are opportunities available too.
When you are touring Singapore, you are given a social visit pass (SVP). You cannot change this social visit pass into a work visa. However, you are allowed to extend your SVP for an additional 30 days if you are looking for work.

How do you obtain a work visa, then?

Once you land a job, your employer or an appointed employment agency will have to grant you a visa from one of the three available categories depending on your level of skill and experience. You can either get an S pass, a Q pass, or a P pass. You must have one of these passes to be allowed to work in Singapore.
Alternatively, if eligible, you can apply for the Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate so that you can be allowed to stay and look for jobs. Once you obtain a job, you will then upgrade to any of the above passes or even permanent residency. You can seek the services of professionals to assist you with the employment pass application. If you need an employment pass, check more info here.

Do you need a Singapore work visa?

It is a requirement that all foreigners in Singapore must acquire a work visa to be legally employed. The come in the form of work passes and you can find details about these passes on the Singapore government website.

The work visa application process

There are various work visas that your employer can file for on your behalf. These visas are awarded according to your skill level and experience.
For instance, if you are experienced earning more than 3600 SGD in a month, your employer will apply for an employment pass. The minimum salary level is set to restrict new graduates from applying for this pass. If you earn anything less than this amount, then you cannot be considered. At the same time, your qualifications, work experience, and record must speak for you before you are awarded this pass. The fee for applying this pass is 200 SGD paid by your employer and the processing will take a week.
Your employer can apply for an S pass for you if you are a mid-level skilled employee earning 2200 SGD or more. However, each and every employer has a limit on the number of S passes that they can request for their employees. You must fall within that number to be considered. This pass takes into account your level of education and years of experience. Remember, this pass is for a single employer. If you get a new job with a different employer, then you need to apply for a new pass with your new employer.

The required documents

Your employer will be required to submit the following documents if you are applying for either the S pass or employment pass:
·       Passport photo
·       Academic certificates
·       Copies of the business’s registration certificates
·       A copy of your passport
On top of that, the applicant’s scope of work must be within the limits stated in work permits. The applicant is not allowed to start their own business or work for a different employer.

Singapore work visas for part-time and seasonal workers

If you are a foreigner and are going to Singapore to work for a short time, you are required to apply for a pass. However, there are situations where you will not be required to apply for the above-mentioned passes.
For instance, if you are below 30 years old, you can be issued with a working holiday visa, which is valid for up to 6 months. If your visit to Singapore is for job training purposes, then you can be issued with a training visa, which is valid for three months. Your employer applies for this visa on your behalf and at the same time you must be earning 3000 SGD or above to qualify.
There are also visas for unskilled trainee workers lasting for six months and also foreign domestic workers and performing artists, but these are all short-term.

What type of work visa can an entrepreneur apply for?

If your intention is to start a business in Singapore, then you can apply for a special visa called the EntrePass. However, you must meet some financial requirements before being awarded this visa. You can apply for this pass before registering your business and then register it later. Bear in mind that business like bars and massage parlors are not eligible for this pass.
Thousands of foreigners are flocking into Singapore in search of greener pastures every year. There are several business and employment opportunities available in Singapore, but always remember to stick to your scope of work once you have been granted your work visa. This will keep you on the right side of the law at all times.

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