10 Unique Family-Friendly Activities You Should Try In Singapore

Strategically located at the southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is a marvel for anyone who loves vacationing in a new country every now and then. It is a very advanced country, with a booming economy and thousands of indoor and outdoor tourist attractions. Singapore is the place to be if you are looking to enjoy your best family vacation. From so many family-friendly activities, I have selected 10 unique ones for your next family vacation in Singapore:
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1. Take A Family Boat Ride
River taxis are popular in Singapore, and it is one of the ways for you to see all the awesome scenes of the Colonial District. If you like, arrange an exclusive river tour for your family, which will be costlier but definitely worth it, or you could just hop onto any riverboat with the locals and save money. Bring your camera and capture some scenes of the Marina and the Quay.

2. Weird fish feast!
Most times you eat fish, but sometimes fish eat you. The latter happens in Singapore, in something that we call Fish Reflexology. Just ask your travel agency where you can find a fish reflexology spa and go dip your feet in water and let the nimble garra rufa fish feast on the dead skin on your feet, leaving them so soft, lovely and neat.
3. Go To The East Coast Park
A family tour can never be complete if you do not visit a park and let your kids have all the fun they can. The East Coast Park is big, stretching over 15 miles of coastline. There are kid games like cycling, running, swimming, bouncing, scooter rides and rollerblading. Mom and dad can have time too, or just catch a drink as they watch the kids.

4. Chinatown Heritage Centre
Seems like there is a Chinatown anywhere in the world and that is a good thing because you will get to experience firsthand the Chinese culture and way of life but in Singapore’s Chinatown Heritage Center, you will get to see the challenges that the early Chinese in Singapore endured. Get an experience of the small living spaces that many people lived in then before the construction of the HBD houses.

5. MegaZip Adventure Park
The most interesting thing here is the flying box that will whizz you over the jungle and drop you at the Siloso Beach. But that is not all the fun there is here because you can also try your hand at the ParaJump where you enjoy the thrill of jumping from a parachute, but this time it is just a simulator not a real parachute. You can also try trampolining on elastic ropes. There is a lot of crazy fun here, but there is no risk at all.

6. Waxworks at Madame Tussauds
At Madame Tussauds, you will find the most popular waxwork collection in the world. You will see waxworks of popular celebrities in the world. From sport, history to cinema, you could find your favorite celebrity captured in waxwork here. You will love it. 

7. Trick Eye Museum
You can shoot amazing pictures here. What happens is that 3D murals let you in and then you can shoot your picture when you are inside the mural. Your children will go crazy about this. The photo effects are awesome. Take pictures inside pictures, all thanks to the trick eye museum effects.

This is both temple and museum and the architecture alone will wow you out of your wits. You can time your visit to coincide with many of the daily ceremonies that take place in this temple. Remember, it is a sacred place so you should approach respectfully and keep your children under control. It may be a little boring for the kids, but they should find many things to do.

9. Adventure Cove Waterpark
This should be an awesome place for the children as they hit the water slides. This water park is one of a kind because it has a magnetic roller coaster where water flows upwards and so your children can slide upwards. Then there is the huge wave pool and the inner tube ride in the Adventure River section to make the fun more wholesome. 

10. Labrador Nature Reserve
This is a relic of the Second World War with its remnants of machine guns, caves, and secret tunnels. You can explore this, and then go and rest as the children have fun on the big playground. Be advised to take guided tours only.


Singapore is a perfect place for all kinds of travelers. In fact, it is the most expensive city on earth. So, if budget is not a problem, you will always love to come back to Singapore. Many travelers even opt to live in Singapore as an expat as finding jobs in Singapore is easy if you got the right kind of skills, experience and education. You can even earn your living in Singapore by just being an English tutor as there is huge demand for native English speakers as teachers in Singapore.

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