3 Local Destinations for Adventure-Loving Travelers

Adventure tourism is the next big thing in travel. Instead of visiting parks, museums, or even renting out an entire Disneyland park (assuming you have the money for it), adventure tourism offers the chance for people to step out of their comfort zone and feel. These are popular destinations for younger tourists, but plenty of adventure tourism options around the world can fit adventure-loving travelers of all ages.

But for locals looking for adventure tourism destinations in Australia, you’re in luck: there are plenty of places to go for local thrill-seekers. Here are the top three local tourist destinations for adventure-loving travelers.

1. The Gold Coast

The coastal city in Queensland offers plenty of tourist attractions by the shore, which means plenty of water activities for adventure seekers as well as the option to wind down at the beach after a day of exciting activities.

With over 70 kilometers of coastline, the Gold Coast’s most popular surfing destination is Duranbah Beach, which is called "Dee-bah" by locals. If you’re not into surfing, there are other water activities like motorboats, jet skis, or even trying out a flyboard. The Gold Coast offers so many things to do that even nearby cities in Queensland, like Brisbane offer fishing charters to take advantage of the vast wildlife and open waters.

2. The Sydney Harbor Bridge

For adventure travelers, it’s not enough to take a photo with a monument in the background and call it a vacation. But what if you could take it a step further and actually climb some of these popular monuments? The Sydney Harbour Bridge offers this opportunity.

BridgeClimb Sydney offers a different way to experience this iconic landmark. Ticket prices vary for the type of climbing experience you want: lower bridge climbs take around an hour and a half, while climbing to the highest point of the bridge and back can take around three and a half hours. Bear in mind that because of the bridge’s high altitude and long climb, this is an ideal destination for those who aren’t afraid of heights.

3. The Great Barrier Reef

Everyone has heard of the Great Barrier Reef, but did you know that you can take a snorkeling trip to see it first-hand? Witness tropical marine wildlife and marvel at the beauty of this natural UNESCO World Heritage site that is the world’s biggest collection of coral reefs and over thousands of species of fish.

Plenty of accredited tour guides provide snorkeling options for first-time divers and certified divers who aren’t afraid to go deeper into the beauty of Australia’s marine wildlife. You can also opt for additional features on the way, like scuba diving classes or a helicopter flight to get a bird’s eye view of the location.

There are many more tourist destinations across the country for thrill-seekers looking to remember the heart-stopping adventure sites. But, as always with most adventure sites, it’s important to be careful and know your limits to avoid any injuries or accidents during your adventure.


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