8 Clever Ways to Clean Your Apartment Like a Pro

We always put it off as long as we can to avoid the stress that comes with it. What we do not know is that putting off cleaning makes our apartment messier day by day.

Cleaning your apartment does not have to be cumbersome. And you do not have to spend the entire weekend doing it, either.

That said, we made a list of helpful tips on how to clean your apartment without the hassle:

1. Round up your cleaning supplies

Now is the time to bring out your detergents and disinfectants. According to the people at Maid Sailors Maid Service NYC, it would be best to keep your cleaning supplies in one portable spot. That way, you can be efficient with cleaning your apartment.

You can use a bucket, caddy, or any portable item that can hold all your cleaning tools. This way, you can clean more instantly from room to room.

And when you're all done? Everything goes back to the same place.

2. Declutter first

What stops people from cleaning their apartment is that they don't know where to begin.

Here's a pro tip: Take out the clutter first.

Please start with the things that have piled up on the floor when it's supposed to be elsewhere. Tackling the clutter first allows you to feel more in control of your cleaning tasks.

Decluttering first makes it easier for deep cleaning and vacuuming afterwards, as you won't have any clutter in your way.

3. Make your couch presentable

It's okay if you are too busy to clean every nook and cranny in your apartment. Moreover, your guest is only going to hang out in a few spots in your home.

That means there's no need to clean your home office since you won't show your visitors how to use your new printer. Please close the door to that area and worry about it later.

Instead, focus most of your energy on sprucing up the couch. It's a simple step, but it will not go unappreciated.

Before your friends or family arrive, fluff the throw pillows and cushions on your couch.

If you notice a stain on the cushion while fluffing, flip it over to showcase the cleaner side. You can also throw in a blanket on your sectional sofa.

4. Dust off the coffee table

Next up, it's time to do some dusting.

You can use a feather duster, chamois, paper towels, or an old sock over the hand.

Don't forget to clean above the doors, top of baseboards, over cabinets, and in-between blinds. Using a dusting spray is unnecessary, and wiping the surface with a clean microfiber cloth can do the trick.

But if it’s been months since you last cleaned these areas, then you’ll need to use some cleaning solutions.

5. Organize the clothes

Try visiting the rooms we mentioned while keeping your eyes on the floor.

Do you see crumpled T-shirts lying around? Damp used towels by the shower? An odd sock peeking from under the couch?

Grab them all up and throw them into your hamper. You don't need to wash them immediately, but you need to get them off the ground.

6. Make your bed

Making your bed is the easiest way to make your apartment look put-together. Besides, there's a chance that your guest would like to hang his coat in your bedroom.

That said, make it a habit to make your bed every time you wake up. Doing so also makes you feel that you accomplished the first task of the day. 

7. Don't avoid the bathroom

It's imperative not to skip the bathroom when cleaning your apartment. Why? Because a sparkling clean bathroom gives an exhilarating feeling.

Keeping that in mind, we suggest that you start with the toilet as it is the least-pleasant part of the bathroom.

Clean the toilet first before you move on to the floor, the shower, and bath. You can finish it by wiping the countertop and the mirrors.

This is a good cleaning strategy. That's because it makes you feel like you're relieving your stress as you move along.

8. Wipe down the kitchen counters

When you're done washing the dishes, wipe down your sink, countertops, and appliances.

If you feel that the floor has some sticky spots, clear the space and then do a quick mop of the floor. And don't forget to throw out the trash to finish everything up.


The best way to keep your apartment clean is to do small things over the week. That way, you are never stuck with a massive cleaning project all at once.

Have five minutes to spare today? Why not ipe down the bathroom sink? You can also opt to vacuum the carpet in your living room.

Managing these small tasks during the week will prevent them from piling up. But if your cleaning tasks pile up anyway, we hope the tips listed above can help you survive your ultimate apartment clean-out.

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