How to Throw the Ultimate Christmas Party

In a 2019 survey reported by, 57 percent of respondents said they usually attend private or public Christmas parties. But how many of them know how to host a truly great holiday event?

If you're planning on playing host, you'll want to know how to throw the ultimate Christmas party that your guests will be talking about for many seasons to come. Follow these steps, and you really can't go wrong.

Carefully Check Your Guest List and the Date

If it's a family gathering, you may not have a choice, but ideally, when planning your guest list, try to invite those you know who already get along to avoid tension and awkward silences. Also, keep in mind that people are busy during the holidays, so before setting a date for your party, be sure to check with those you really want to attend to get an idea of when most will be available. If only a few guests show up, it won't be much of a party. 

To make it even more fun, you might ask them to wear "Ugly" sweaters or at least something festive.

Food and Drink Planning

Unless money isn't a concern, set a budget for food that reflects how many people you expect to attend. Start researching recipes now if you haven't pinned a bunch already if you plan on doing a full holiday meal that includes traditional Christmas foods. You can make it easier by choosing appetizers and desserts that allow people to snack and chat so that you can enjoy the party with your guests. Hors d'oeuvres are always a popular choice and are ideal for mingling. Or, make it a potluck. Of course, you'll need festive beverages, too, perhaps eggnog, cider, or fun holiday cocktails. Another option is a Holiday Sangria - check out the recipe here, it's served in a big punch bowl, easy to put together, and always a winner. 

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You'll want to have some great holiday tunes playing in the background as nothing sets the mood better than festive music. You can create a playlist on Spotify with everything from classics like Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" to '90s favorites such as NSYNC's "All I Want Is You (This Christmas)." 

For the ultimate party, you'll want entertainment that stands out front and center too. Carolers for hire can make it especially memorable, encouraging all your guests to sing along too. 


Your home is probably already decked out for the holidays, so you may not have to worry much about the decor. If you don't have a tree, you'll definitely need to get one, and you might want to go all out by adding more decorations than you usually do, getting extra festive with lots of wreaths, mistletoe, and the like. If your budget is tight, search dollar stores and thrift stores - they're usually a treasure trove when it comes to Christmas decorations.

A Festive Photo Booth

Just about everyone wants to post photos to prove how much fun they had at a party - and you'll want to show off your success too. The perfect way to do it is with a photo booth, and it's super easy to create. Tack up a red sheet on the wall and pick up some cheap props like reindeer antlers and Santa hats. 

Gift Exchange

A gift exchange is sure to liven up the party and encourage more interaction, but you don't want your guests to feel forced to spend a lot. Consider doing a White Elephant exchange or Secret Santa, putting a cap on the amount spent on the gift.

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