Five Top Jobs For Travelers and Journeymen

Your job is an important and sometimes central part of your life. It gives you a source of income and a source of meaning and keeps you rooted in a routine. But that means that jobs that don’t suit you will leave you feeling uncomfortable – and that’s, even more, the case if you’re someone who loves to travel and see the world but feels tied down to a dissatisfying job. So this article is aimed at those people with a penchant for journeying, offering five key jobs you’ll love if you have a travel itch that just won’t go away. 

  • Instagram Influencing

This one’s top of the list for a reason: If you’re able to gather a following on Instagram, you’ll quickly find that hotels, restaurants, and resorts are happy to fly you all over the world to promote their businesses. Meanwhile, clothing brands, skincare companies, and other firms that often advertise using social media will be in touch, giving you an extra wage that you can spend while traveling. 
The key to becoming an influencer is to play the game. You need to gather followers in whatever way you can, and part of that is down to the content that you post and the niche you’re looking to occupy. Gaining the critical mass of followers that’ll help you get approached for promotions can take time, but if you achieve it, this is a job that’ll take you all around the world. 

  • Cabin Crew

If you join the crew of an airline, you’ll naturally find yourself transported all over the world. But what plenty of people doesn’t realize is that stop-overs for long-haul flights are often several days long, which means that cabin crew, put up for free in a hotel by the airline, have the time to explore the city in which they’ve landed. 
It’s a brilliant, comfortable – and paid – way to travel. Best of all, it’s glamorous, especially on airlines that tend to cater to far-flung and exotic destinations. If you’re interested in becoming a member of an airline’s cabin crew, look into opportunities in your country of origin and start applying for training. 

  • Shipping

There are dozens of different shipping jobs out there, and many of them involve getting behind the wheel, getting on a boat, or heading on a plane to get packages from A to B. Most of these shipping jobs are shared on the shipping jobs site Shiply, which you can browse for the role that suits you. Even simply driving around your city, delivering packages can help to scratch that travel itch within you.
Shipping jobs also have the benefit of being flexible – you’re able to pick up shift work and gig work on and off, which means that you can head abroad for a little bit of traveling at any moment, which is something that life-long travel fans value and cherish. So shipping’s up there with the best of opportunities for avid travelers. 

  • Content Creating

Creating content is something that thousands of individuals do on a daily basis. Journalists do it for newspapers, as do the photojournalists who take the pictures that feature within them. Painters and other artists often find residencies in other countries for their inspiration, while musicians create wonderful songs that take them on tour around the world. 
So creative jobs can be perfect matches for travelers – following their passions of traveling and creating in the same breath. To really make it as a traveling content creator, it’s important that you have some relationships with employers, editors or managers back home who will help you to coordinate your work and bring in different contracts, deals and jobs. If you are good at writing, you can also try your luck with blogging. Its can make a good money with right approach to blog monetization

  • Salesperson 

There’s a business class section on most long-haul flights for a reason. There are thousands of business trips made on planes every day, with salespeople, managers and C-suite executives jetting this way and that to secure deals and to shake hands. And you can be one of them, if you find a business niche that will require you to head all over the world.

And these roles aren’t rare. You’ll find them in any business that operates internationally. Possibly the best option for those who are entry-level professional workers is to become a salesperson for a brand that’s trying to penetrate new and exciting markets around the world. Your job will be to travel to these countries to build relationships with clients that might prove fruitful for your business. Not only is this a great way to travel – it’s a superb job for experiences, with most salespeople being treated to wonderful, authentic hospitality wherever they go. 

There you have it: five jobs that will help you earn an income while satisfying that itch for travel that you’ve long wished to combine with work. Do some research, see which job is for you, and start your applications to become a working traveler.

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