Writing a sales email subject line - How to begin?

Email subject lines also demand preparation just like an email copy. While writing an email copy often marketers feel struck.   

What’s your experience with crafting sales email subject lines? This article will share some of the guidelines that would steer you in the right direction.  

Well, before heading on to that, are you done with your primary step – building the prospect list?    

Online email extractor – Perfect way to find someone’s email  

The ideal way to find someone’s email addresses of any business professional is by using online email extractor tools like GetEmail.io.   

This tool is specifically used for finding the business email addresses of professionals across the globe. This was possible because of big data and machine learning algorithms.  

When you know the first name, last name, and company domain, you can use GetEmail.io to locate the correct email address format. Start with the tool’s free version to test its efficiency.  

If you have not yet built your email list, you could use online email extractors to find the email addresses of your prospects.  

Now, let us look into the questions you should ask yourself and get answers to understand how you should write the email subject lines.     

What are you offering?  

Think of your product as a value it can provide for your prospects and not just as a product.     

Who is your target audience?  

You must be clear about who you are selling to - their requirements, their struggles. You must craft your email subject lines by keeping the buyer persona in mind.    

What is the objective of your email?  

What is your goal? What do you expect from your email marketing campaign? It could be to get your emails opened or get a reply from your prospects or maybe a conversion.   

Do your recipients know you?  

When you are sending an email to a prospect that already knows about your brand, it is easy to connect with them as they would love to hear from you. With such prospects, you can easily share information about your upcoming products, events, etc.    

Do you both have a mutual connection?  

When you have a mutual connection, you could mention it in the subject line. This would increase the chances of your emails being opened. And may even help you with the ultimate conversion. That’s how powerful the mutual connection’s trust element is.    

Do they ignore or open your email?  

For recipients who ignore your emails, you can try using enticing yet relevant subject lines that will intrigue them to open your emails. And for prospects who already contribute to a good open rate you can try to continue sharing interesting content and appropriate subject lines.    

What type of subject lines performs best?  

You must conduct multiple tests to study your recipients’ responses. With this understanding, you could come up with better subject lines for your email marketing campaign.    

Final Thoughts  

Now that you know the basic questions you should ask yourself while writing email subject lines, try this out. This is the best approach, to begin with, your subject lines crafting. 

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