First Time Brazilian Wax: Precautions and Preparations (Before & After)

First time Brazilian wax is an experience you will remember for a long time, you better prepare well.
Brazilian waxing has been the most popular hair removing method for the last ten years especially to the women who want a clean and aesthetic look of their body during wearing bikini. This is now widely used all over USA in almost every salon and spa. 

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Having Brazilian waxing for the first time is a great experience and a lot of precautions and preparation should be taken before you go for your waxing. Why is your first Brazilian wax so special? Some IMPORTANT points about getting your first Brazilian wax to be noted are:

 1.  You will feel pain during wax removal
 2.  You may feel uncomfortable
 3.  It may produce red marks for some days
 4.  It may cause itching at sensible locations
 5.  Amateur waxing may cause skin problems

So it is very special indeed. Don’t be afraid of above list because if you take proper caution and preparation, none of these matters actually. Here are some tips for you.

Making up your mind for Brazilian Waxing

You should have a talk about getting first time Brazilian wax with a professional in a top class spa service who had done it before. It will help you to know about the procedure and experience of having it.

You should avoid Brazilian wax if you are suffering from diabetic, psoriasis and other skin diseases. In advance, you may consult your physician about it and follow the instructions. Now there are some cream and lotions available in the market which allows you to have Brazilian waxing having certain skin problems.

It is also recommended by the physicians that you should not have Brazilian wax during menstruation and pregnancy. At those times, the skin in the pubic area becomes too sensitive and therefore Brazilian wax is not recommended.

Getting started for First Brazilian Wax

The first time Brazilian wax can hurt a lot. So you may take ibuprofen or aspirin before the wax as per recommendations from experts or experienced persons. Some experts recommend that you should try any other traditional waxing before you go for a Brazilian wax.
Brazilian wax demands a minimum length within 0.25 to 0.50 inch(.63 to 1.52cm) of the pubic hair to be removed. Otherwise it is not possible to have a clean removal. It is normal that the growth of the pubic hairs is not the same everywhere. The overgrown hairs should be trimmed to a suitable size otherwise wax removal will hurt you more. The hairs shorter than 0.25 inch can not be removed. The experts recommend shaving the pubic areas at least 3 weeks before if you are planning about it. It will give you a uniform heir length all over the bikini area that will be fair enough for Brazilian wax. After two or three regular Brazilian wax this problem never arises as hair around the pubic zone get in same cycle growth.

Avoid swimming and sun bath for a couple of days (2/3). Another common question that people ask is if they have to be totally undressed for Brazilian waxing. The answer is ‘Yes’, if you want a complete hair removal then you have to. Otherwise, you can wear any type of underwear preferably old one because, that may get dirty. If you feel uncomfortable to remove your underwear then you can wear a skimpy pair like a thong.

During waxing, the attendant will first apply a powder over the dry skin to make the pubic hairs visible and use preheated wax over it. Then it will be covered with a cloth and subsequently pull it up. This causes the pain. Generally the attendant asks you to hold your skin so that you may feel some comfort. If the pain is unbearable then you should tell it to the attendant so that he/she may leave that place and try another place and come back to that later.

Narrowing down on the Perfect Salon/Spa

If you are having it for the first time, it is better to do it with someone well experienced in this job. You can have recommendations about the best salon/spa from you friends of relatives who have done it before. Though they recommend you the best, you should take a good look about the salon as how expert they are, what offer they provide, the procedure of waxing, and privacy state, aesthetic environment of the salon. You can consult about your preferences with them earlier. It is better to call for the appointment 2 or 3 days earlier as good salons are always busy with their schedule. If you happen to live in New York, then you are in luck as spas in New york offer some of the best Brazilian wax in the world.

Some recommendations,

 *   The spa should have a strict no double dipping policy. Double dipping of the wax stick can transfer disease from one customer to another.
 *   Every state has strict guidelines for spas and salons and they also provide license to approved spas and salons. Check if your preferred spa has the license and is keeping to all the rules and regulations.
 *   The wax therapist must be experienced as in waxing experience matters and a veteran operator means less pain and better hair removal.

Taking care after Brazilian Wax

The pubic zone of your body becomes more sensitive after Brazilian waxing. So some certain measures should be taken to avoid all kinds of infections. Such as:

 1.  Avoid swimming and sunning for at least 2 or 3 days

 2.  Use ice if you have redness and bumping
 3.  Use anti-biotic cream to prevent infection
 4.  Wear loose and cotton cloth after waxing
 5.  Avoid sex for at least 24 hours after Brazilian wax
 6.  Avoid hot tubs, hot baths and other chlorinated water for at least 48 hours
 7.  Shaving is not recommended if you are having Brazilian waxing. Shaving after Brazilian waxing can trigger various skin problems.
 8.  Sweating can trigger skin problems as after waxing your skin becomes more vulnerable to skin problems. So, you should not attain exercise sessions after getting waxed.

Though Brazilian wax causes pain but the excitement of wearing a bikini and sporting a clean and attractive body will guarantee a second look and turn others red out of jealousy.

Disclaimer: This article does not promote nor encourage any of the above mentioned information without parental and doctor’s advise. And this article will not be held responsible for any bad unexpected results which could be because of this procedure.

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