How to hire the ideal App Developer for your Startup

Every business, big or small is centralized to their consumers. And what is every consumer centered to? A mobile phone. In this modern age of social networking, our mobiles are like an extension our own self. This very reason has made marketers realize that it is essential to be present absolutely anywhere to their consumers, even in a washroom.

A ABI research conducted in 2011 showed that a mobile app can boost a business up to 80%, which is largely more than what a website or advertisements, alone can accomplish. So if your start-up is yet to launch its mobile app, you just might be missing out on the golden opportunity to tap into new revenue streams.

How to hire the ideal App Developer

Hiring an app developer is gaining a huge hype in recent times, since many organizations wish to tap into the app market but do not possess adequate knowledge for developing one. So if you are planning to get an app developer for your startup, here’s what you need to know before hiring one.

Ø  Make it a point to hire somebody with prior experience, access their portfolio extensively and ask for the name of the apps they have developed, so you can get an understanding of their work performance from app reviews and ensure, that your app is not just a copy of some previous work.

Ø   Ask them what kind of smartphone they use. If you require an app which can only be accessed on an iPhone, your developer has to be well-versed with using one. Because you need to play around with your app as well as that of competitor’s to understand what you are missing out on and what more you can offer.

Ø  It is essential for you to get a grasp of how much knowledge your developer has about their field of work. Google questions related to app developing, like, how long does it take to integrate a monetization platform like Chartboost into an app. It takes around 15 minutes on an average to integrate, so feel free to omit anyone who precedes that time limit. Also, the moment you hire somebody, make it a point to make then sign a Non disclosure to protect your idea.

Ø  Remember that you are not building an app, but an app-based business. So it is crucial for your developer to understand how to promote your business with the app. Some developers are programmers, whereas some are designers. Try to get hold of one who possesses some idea about marketing, so that they can build your app in such a manner that would indeed generate business for you.

Ø  Ask your developer if they will submit your tested app to the app store. This is a multi-step process, which any developer has to be accustomed to.

Ø  Try to hire a developing company rather than a single developer, as app developing is not just programming but delivering the whole developing package on which your business will stand, from coding, designing to creating a compatible user interface.

Ø  Cost is a crucial factor while employing, but remember that your app is your business model. So don’t opt for anyone offering to do the work cheap, because if the app developed does not work out, you need to hire another developer to sort out the problems.

Ø  Upon completion of developing the app, the ownership of the IP should be transferred to your name.

A well build app can lead to immediate success whereas a flawed one can easily put you out of business. Understand what you want out of your app and make it a point that your developer can deliver the same at the end. It has been estimated that by 2016, there will be more than 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world. So if you have the next big business idea, hire a developer and shape your dreams to reality.

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