Visiting Dentist for the first time..?

How many of you visited a dentist?
How many of you have a habit of getting regular dental checkups?
How many of you suffering from any kind of dental/oral problems?

If  your answer is yes to at least one question, Do go through the following.

You might have heard of the horrors related to the dental hospital. In fact many of us never have a comfortable feeling on visiting a Dentist thinking of the pain which one may have to withstand while the dentist is working on the tooth. Many of us get the negative vibes even if that single thought crosses the mind.. the dentist and that horrible chair where we laid to be examined..Err..
Here are few tricks and ideas if you are visiting a dentist for the first time.

Why visit a Dentist?

Well, most of us have a habit of visiting a general physician in regular intervals of time. Let it be once in every 2-3 months. Likewise, you should be visiting a dentist once in every 5-6 months.
This is because of the known secret: Our teeth/gums are the first to get affected with germs. The reasons can be the improper cleaning before/after having food, fluoride content is more in the drinking water, not brushing properly, calcium deficiency Or eating too many sweets and many others.

What does the dentist do? (Basic Things)

A thorough check up: This is the basic thing the dentist does, just to know about your teeth.
A closer look of course.
Cleaning: This is to remove the plaque and restore the natural enamel.
Polishing: This is to provide that yellowish teeth the extra healthy glow.
If you are affected with something, the preventive measures/cure

What you should do ?

Please tell the dentist, what all problems you are/were facing. Let it be any problem related to cavity, you see a new teeth, any kind of pain, a bad teeth, bad breath just about anything.

Prepare yourself:

Until and unless you are undergoing a surgery of replacing tooth or anything of that sort, the thought of going under the pain should cross your mind.

Even if it’s a surgery our technology has grown so much that you won’t even know what/when the surgery took place.
The basic things ie cleaning, polishing etc will not affect your gums and it doesn’t pain.
After Care:
Ask the dentist about the foods to avoid and the after care. Make sure you are following the regime the dentist says.
By doing the above said things,  you have visited a doctor and you have healthy teeth.

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