How to behave when meeting new people

When you meet someone new, you can expect one of two things to happen; either you are going to find common language with the guy or not. It is never easy starting new relationships from scratch, it is just so 'awkward'.

The thing people fear the most is not being accepted by their fellow apes. But doesn't this logic go the other way around as well. The fact that you are afraid of the other person does not mean that the other person is not afraid of you. Even if you see them as somewhat more open and extroverted than you, there is a big possibility that said person feels even more pressure to put up 'the act' than you do being yourself.

Remember names

A person is more in love with himself than with anything else. Try to learn the person's name a as soon as you can. It not only shows that you are interested in them, but it also shows a certain level of familiarity and it makes it so much easier going from there.

Addressing people by their first name, unless it is a business relationship, is sure to bring you some good marks on their behalf as well. Just remember, aliases are not names. Only if the person asked you specifically to be addressed by his nick name may you do so. Otherwise it shows great lack of respect, meaning that you have already lost the battle. 

Try to find common interests

If two people live under the same blue sky, it is very likely that they share at least one thing in common. Don't expect the person to be particularity interested in you thou. That is why, in order to make some head way we must pretend to find interest in something they like. Pretending to be something you are not is a great way to make new acquaintances. Just don't overdo it or they would know you are lying. 

Let the other person talk

Like we have stated earlier, people find their lives fascinating. Ask as many questions as you can without interrupting their flow of though. More a person confides in you, more valuable you become to him as the level of trust rises. Almost every human being on the planet likes talking about themselves, but if the person is reluctant to share with you, by god don't push him! This shows that you are either doesn't trust you, or he does not find you particularly interesting. If that is the case just let it be, there is no pint in being a bother.

Share interesting things about your life that aren't very popular

The only way you can seem interesting to others is by sharing an interesting memory from your past that is both funny and relatable. Of course no one is asking you to tell them about your divorce or how you came across a shinny new nickel from you walk to work. It should be something that not a lot of people have heard about. Like a trip to Guantanamo Bey for example. If you don't have anything interesting to share, then a little exaggeration of the truth is always acceptable.

Have Confidence

No one likes a clingy little baby as their friend. Talk with confidence; have the stones to say what's on your mind, and stick to your act. You are in control of what's going on.
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Jonathan Lewis is professional writer and freelance blogger. As a regular job he provides cleaning in W1, London. His dream is to graduate university and become psychologist."

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