Self defense from an attack !

In this current cruel world, all of us should be able to defend oneself without being helplessly dependently on others all the time. We cannot be prepared for any kind attack from anyone all the time. But we can at least be aware of some tips and tricks to knock someone down when someone tries to attack you. Remember this, a person is weak or strong only in his mind. A woman can knockdown a man and similarly a man can knockdown another person who is taller and well built than himself. Its just that you need to believe yourself that you are no weaker person than anyone. Here your defenses should be very quick giving no time for the attacker to think. This is the bottom line !

Here are the below tricks that can help you defend yourself when you are attacked :

1. When someone attacks you, you should be prepared to block a punch. This is the first move that you should learn because if you are punched initially and if you are hit then the pain will block your thoughts. To block a punch, use an open hand and push the fist out of the way enough so that it does not hit you somewhere that it may cause damage to your face, chest, stomach or the abdomen.

2. After successfully blocking the punch, you should know how to counter attack. Always avoid making punches where you throw your entire shoulders and arms to make a big C.  Keep your reflexes strong and your punch should come straight from the center of the body quickly. After making a punch, make a kick bringing up the leg and lash out bringing it back to the ground so that the attacker won’t get much time to grab it.

3. When you punch, punch hard using all your energy and shout out loud. This will take the attacker by the surprise and the attacker will get no time to react. This will give you the advantage over the attacker and you can escape from being victimized.

4. If you are attacked from behind, try moving forward, backward and side-ward, quickly. This will make the attacker lose balance from the ground and will allow you face the attacker from front or throw the attacker over your shoulder.

5. If the attacker grabs your arm/hand, then straighten your fingers and make your hand flat and try to pull back your hand from the attacker. Making your hand flat, will stiffen the bones in your arm, making it easier to get out of the attacker's grasp, even if the attacker is stronger than you.

6. Grab the attacker by the hair/head with your hand, and bring your foot up so that you can bring down the attacker's face and smash it on your bent knee. If this follows successfully then it will shock attacker enough to give you time to run away.

7. If you are jumped upon from behind, with the attacker wrapping the arms around your waist and chest, yank your arms free and with the arm that is on the same side as the attacker's head is on your shoulder, smash an elbow into the attacker’s face. With your free hand grab the attacker’s arm on that side and step a foot out so that you can pull away after impact.

8. If you are thrown on the ground, this is a little difficult position to defend, but at this point you need to be as swift as possible to use your legs, bend it and then hit the attacker to the weakest abdominal point and you should be back on your feet.

Having said all these points, I would want to make a point here : Real self-defense is  all about avoiding being assaulted, about seeing trouble well ahead and not walking into the trouble, about discouraging an attack by your outward physical fight, and only when all else fails is it about neutralizing an attack that could not be prevented. Any harm to the attacker, must be the direct consequence of a purely defensive action.

NOTE: This article does not provoke or encourage any of the mentioned tricks. The images shown in this article are just to explain and not for any other purpose, This article also will not be held responsible for any of the consequences that might happen by following the above mentioned tricks. We strictly believe that violence is not the only solution for all the problems.

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