Getting into IT for the first time ?

The Computing Technology Industry Association or what has commonly become known in the IT world as CompTIA is a non-profit association that was created by a group of adept individuals who were intensively involved in micro computing. The association was originally established in 1982, before everyone had their own personal computers in their homes.

Anyone that is interested in obtaining a job in the IT field will benefit from obtaining one of the certifications that are offered by CompTIA. The certifications that CompTIA offers are operated through Pearson VUE and Prometric testing centers.

The certifications offered are available in four different series that are designed to show an individual’s skills within the IT field. The certifications are performed on a sliding efficiency scale. They will measure an individual’s basic and mastery levels of computing.

The CompTIA examinations cover common issues and topics that occur within the information technology industry. The basic examination that is offered is one of the first examinations an individual will need to take in order to qualify to take other examinations that are offered by the association.

The basic examination will test an individual’s understanding of computing hardware, errors, compatibility, security risks, as well as software installations. This examination consists of seventy questions and is typically taken by individuals who want to obtain positions as sales associates, tech support technicians, or marketing specialists.

After successfully completing the entry level exams, individuals wishing to pursue a career in the IT field will be able to work their way up the ladder, taking more complex examinations as they move forward.

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