Make the Most out of Your London Tour with these Lovely Sights

If you were always in awe of London, the place which you only saw on TV, world maps, or heard from your friend when he narrated his travel adventures, now is the time to visit this wonderful place.  There are many remarkable spots in London which you should never miss. If you wish to take full advantage of visiting London, don’t make a hurried visit and exit. Plan everything in advance in thorough detail, visit this place during a long and leisurely leave or vacation, and hire the service of London Sightseeing Tours for maximum joy.  
Big Ben: Tick tock tick tock! Hey, this is not a normal clock, it’s the Big Ben! So, is it London? Yes, it is the magnificent London – the only city in the world where the royal family is still revered and considered above others. This clock is four-faced and chimes to show time. It displays a lovely sight during nighttime. If you are standing in front of this grand clock, think about the time when your luck will strike upon you and make a wish. If providence is on your side, you will soon meet with good fortune.
Madame Tussauds: If you ever wished to be a famous celebrity or meet one, but luck never obliged you, now is the chance. Pay homage to the Queen of England, wink at Brad Pitt, strike a singing pose alongside Lady Gaga, or shake hands with the historical, political figure Mahatma Gandhi. Madame Tussauds gives you a great opportunity to meet the wax statues of these great figures that left their mark in history, sports, movies, or politics. You are sure to fulfill your much-awaited dream although in a virtual way. You can surely make your friends feel envious by showing them a photograph of yourself clicked besides the grandest celebrities of all times.
The British Museum: If you are fond of looking at ancient objects, works of art, and relics preserved over time in a museum, then the British museum is the best place to meet your wish. Students of history, art, and archeology will find special interest in such a place. You get to learn a lot about ancient cultures from this museum. This museum is one of the largest and the most diverse in the world. Some of the objects placed in this museum have been in news due to the controversies surrounding them.
The Buckingham Palace: Considered as the seat of the royalty where the Queen and her family resided since centuries, this is a remarkable monument to not be missed. I am sure most of us did not exist at the time of the Kings and the Queens, and they remain with us only in our imaginations. Now is the time to see the existing royal family and their residence. If you are lucky, you could catch a glimpse of one of the members of the royal family. But you can certainly view the royal residential palace standing in front of you. So, bow before it, greet it as ‘Your Majesty’, and move ahead with pride.
The London Eye:  It is a striking feature on the banks of the river Thames which runs through the city. It is a rare sight to see a river in a capital city, and London is really unique in this regard. Lovelier than this is the London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel. It is an eye-catching, round feature stretching far away in the sky.
Before starting off on the journey to visit these beautiful places and monuments, book a cab or London Sightseeing Bus. These services offer complete sightseeing across London so that you don’t have to search for any and get lost in the confusion. Finding a place in a strange land makes many a person nervous and scared.
So, banish all the worries of travel planning, hire a comfortable sightseeing tour service, and submerged in the joy of this city.

About the Author:
Roger is a Travel enthusiast and likes to travel around the world in search of interesting places and food. His visit to London with his office colleagues was an interesting one. He would suggest you to get a London Sightseeing Bus if you’re planning for an office tour.

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