5 Spring Trends to Try This Season : Tips for Women

Every year, fashionistas all over the world talk about the top trends that they believe everyone should look out for in the upcoming year. Whether the trends are from the runways of Paris or simply fashionable trends that they have seen on everyday people on the street, fashion trends can be achieved by everyone. While fashion trend may look like only the rich and famous can achieve them, with a few simple styling tips you too can rock the newest trends of the season. Use the following fashion tips to be fashionable and trendy this spring.
1.       Colorful Denim
Denim is one of those timeless fabrics that will always be in style. The key to wearing denim in any season is to make sure you only buy quality denim that fits your body well. Finding the perfect denim is definitely easier said than done. It is essential that you try on denim pants before you buy them to make sure that they hug you in all the right places. Another tip is to always remember that items can always be altered. If you find the perfect pair of jeans and they happen to be a bit too long, do not be afraid to get them taken up a bit. Great jeans are well worth the investment. To make your jeans a part of the newest spring trends, buy jeans that are bright colored. The great part about this trend is that it can be worn from spring through the summer and can be a part of your everyday wardrobe.
2. Floral Prints
The floral print trend is nothing new but it has been given the green light to be used more frequently than in the past. With spring being the time of the year where flowers bloom, is it only right to represent that in your clothing. Floral prints are one of those trends that, once you have the confidence to wear it, are hard to mess up. Mix one floral print piece into an outfit to flawlessly pull off this trend without overdoing it.

3.       Blazers 
Regardless of the time of year, blazers are always a staple item to have in your wardrobe. Blazers are a great item to wear over dresses or even with jeans. Blazers also come in different materials, styles and colors, making it easy to find the perfect blazer to wear in any season. Stick to lighter materials and lighter colors to wear in the spring.
4.     Stripes
Clothing with stripes is not a new trend, however it is a trend that can revamped every year. This year, bold prints are in and bold stripes are no exception. Black and white stripes have been featured in many runway looks already this year and are actually an easy trend to incorporate into any wardrobe on a budget. Stripes are easy to wear with solids such as jeans and look even better with a great solid colored blazer to polish the look off. Remember that vertical stripes work best with petite frames; however, the right kind of stripe can work with any body type.
5 .   Color Blocking
We have all seen celebrities grace the covers of magazines in multi-colored outfits that look fabulous but extremely unrealistic for anyone outside of Hollywood to wear. The good news is that color-blocking is not as difficult to achieve as it looks. The key is to not overdo it and stick to the less is more approach when it comes to color-blocking.  

These trends are super stylish and easy to incorporate into your wardrobe for spring and even in different seasons. What trends are you looking forward to trying out?

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