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If you’re planning on doing a lot of travelling this Summer, or even if you’re just going on a short holiday in the sun, it’s worth thinking about what kinds of clothes will be best - these clothes should be lightweight and comfortable, as well as capable of being combined through a few different layers for when you’re getting up early or going to bed light. From choosing the right mens shirts, to the best travelling clothes for women, there are a lot of different items to play around with in 2013, which can ensure that you have a great holiday while still looking stylish.
In terms of men, when selecting a few shirts to take with you a trip, it’s best to have a mix of long sleeved shirts and short sleeved ones - long sleeved shirts can also have their sleeves rolled up if needs be, while chambray shirts can be worn as a particularly popular trend - these shirts are comfortable and feature practical pockets. When the weather gets a bit warmer, you can experiment with denim shirts, and printed cotton shirts in different colours.
Another good idea for your travels is several decent pairs of chinos - these are good alternatives to jeans for long journeys, as they’re light and comfortable, and can be worn in a wide range of different colours and styles; chino shorts can also be found – I recently bought an awesome pair from Officers Club recently - and are suitable for pairing with a blazer when you need to keep out the chill and still look good. For keeping things relaxed when you’re travelling, a high quality pair of sunglasses, fedoras, and comfortable footwear like boat shoes and espadrilles are a must.

For women, it’s also important to keep things light and layered; in the sun, Summer dresses with pastel prints and brighter neons can keep you on trend, while you can relax on journeys with knee length trousers and cropped trousers; denim shorts are better for the beach and lounging by the pool once you reach your destination, as are sundresses, straw hats, and sunglasses for accessorising.

Linen fabrics are one of the best ways in which you can keep cool on long flights and road journeys; similarly, wedges and flats are essential if you want to avoid aches in your feet and legs before you get to your destination. Avoid skinny jeans when travelling, and have a few pairs of comfortable leggings that you can use to experiment with different colours. Long and maxi dresses also work well if you want to keep cool in warmer weather.
It is best, though, to focus on keeping things simple with your outfits - have clothes that are right for transportation, before switching over once you get to where you’re going - blazers and hooded tops are good ideas for men, while women can rely on cardigans and shawls if the weather changes. By balancing different elements, and by wearing breathable fabrics and tailored items, you can keep yourself cool and enjoy a flexible travel wardrobe throughout the Summer months.
About The Author:
Donna Baxter loves brands like Officers Club for their summer styles.  She can be found online blogging about summer fashion trends.

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