Nine Easy Ways to Stay Close to Family After Moving

High Tech and High Touch:
Moving can be a wonderful experience. You’ll be in the “news” – as in a new home, probably a new job or new school, new friends, new restaurants, and all the other new things your new town has to offer. But don’t let the distance from old friends and family get you down, because there are tons of ways to stay in touch. Don’t fret – connect!
High Tech: Cool – in a Good Way
Social Networks (Facebook/Google+) –A billion or more of us have gone social, but many of us drift away. Yet there’s hardly an easier way to keep family members up to date. When you can post updates, photos, recipes and more you make Facebook your online public journal. And you can also message people individually or start a Gchat.
FaceTime on your Phone– Want to see who you’re talking to? Did you move across the country and miss all the cute things your grandkids said? Then put your new smartphone to good use and Face Time your family. It’s a thousand times better to see your grandkids (plus children, parents, siblings, whoever) when you speak to them.
Skype Skype can be unreliable at times, but when it’s working, it’s awesome!If you have a laptop with a camera, unplug it and walk your computer around your new home. This is a great way to show your friends and family what you did with your new place. Show how your new baby has started to roll over, or how an older child is now riding a bike. There are countless ways to show off your kids’ new skills.
Email It’s funny, but email almost seems passé these days. But it’s free, it’s easy, and over 80% of Americans use it. You can use it to update your family on what you’ve been up to in your new town.
Create a Blog – There are many free blog websites you can use to communicate without some of the privacy or other drawbacks of Facebook. Post pictures, updates and videos.
High Touch: Warm – in a Very Good Way
Phone Calls– High tech is fine, but sometimes old-fashioned ways of reaching out are still the best. A Face Time call is hard to do while you’re cooking dinner or folding laundry, so use that time to chat on an “old-fashioned” portable or cell phone. Somehow it makes the conversation seem more like neighbors talking over the backyard fence.
Send a Letter­–It can feel intensely personal to sit quietly alone, perhaps with a drink at hand and a fire in the fireplace, as you compose a heartfelt epistle on what’s happening in your new life. Taking pen to paper means more than it ever did, precisely because people don’t do it much these days.
Send a Card If you’re not into writing, pick out a card at the store and mail it. Do it for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and St. Valentine’s Day (of course). But don’t forget that the most special of cards can be a simple “thinking of you.”
Send a Package – How many things in life are more fun than opening a gift? Send coloring books, stickers, and other “dollar store” treasures to nephews, grandkids, and other young ones.As for adults, if you can’t think of anything personal, send an unexpected $10 gift cardfor coffee or a movie rental. Both kids and adults love getting packages, especially from the ones they love.
Last but not least, plan an annual get together before you move away. It’s a great way to get something on the calendar and make sure that you see each other at least yearly!
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