Cycling For The First Time !

Whether you see yourself commuting on your bike to work, or want to splash through muddy puddles in the countryside, cycling is becoming more popular than ever. It's suitable for all ages, you can build up your intensity level, and it means you can explore places that it's not possible to see by car. If you're nervous about jumping on your bike for the first time, here are a few tips to help you become a more confident cyclist:

Safety first

A bike helmet is an essential piece of kit for cyclists of all abilities, and it helps protect you no matter where you decide to cycle. Cycle helmet laws vary by country, but it's not worth risking a head injury even if the law says you don't have to wear one. A helmet can make you feel much more confident, especially if you're riding on busy roads, and most beginners find that they don't like to cycle without one.

The bike

Many of us have a bike hiding in the garage already, and when you're just starting out it doesn't matter what bike you use. Get pedalling, build up your fitness level, and get yourself addicted to the joy of being on a bike.

Once you've got used to smaller trips, it may be time to upgrade to a decent bike. There are a few things to consider when you go bike shopping for the first time:

Where will you mostly be cycling? This will help you choose between a road or mountain bike.
What will I be using the bike for? If you plan to have a baby seat, or want to run errands, make sure you've got room for bags and baskets.
Is my area flat or hilly? If you're cruising around the city, a fixed speed bike could suffice. For hilly terrains, gears are essential.

It often pays to go to a good, independent bike shop that's staffed by enthusiasts who can give you pointers. You can then take a test drive and ensure the bike feels right for you.


If you are planning to cover any distance more than a quick ride round the corner, then the right clothing is essential. Take a look at the cycle clothing available at Trekwear. You'll notice that clothes designed specifically for cycling have many useful features including being waterproof, breathable, and well-fitted, meaning you won't get tangled in your bike spokes.

If you plan to commute via bike, then having clothes for your ride is essential. You can then change once you get to work, meaning minimal sweating and a much more comfortable day at the office.

Learn basic maintenance

Learning to carry out basic repairs is essential for any new cyclists, and you don't need an engineering degree to be able to do the easy stuff. Learn to fix a puncture, and take a kit with you on those long rides so you don't end up stranded.

It's also important to spend a little time each month checking your bike over, giving it a good clean, and making sure it's in top condition. The store where you buy your bike will be able to advise you on bike maintenance techniques, and you'll soon work out a routine for keeping it at its best. You should also do a thorough check just before you go on a long ride or have a race, as this will reduce the risk of damage.

Cycling is a fun, relaxing exercise that can be enjoyed by people of any fitness ability, so why not get on your bike today?

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