First Time, Presenting an Award to an Employee

Receiving an award is a memorable moment to remember. It is a special time for both the recipient and the presenter. If you are called on to make the presentation, a little planning on your part will go a long way in making the event a meaningful experience. Below are some tips on how to present an award.

Choose an appropriate award
First you must decide on the appropriate award to give to your employee. You should choose an award that is useful and worthy of display. Will the recipient prefer a certificate that can be framed and mounted, or would they prefer one of several art glass awards. Although your choice is likely limited by your budget, choose an award equal to the accomplishment. 

Order the award well in advance
Give yourself plenty of time to order the award and send it back if it is incorrect. Make sure to communicate exactly what you want on the award including any logo or designs.

Attend to the details
Are you planning a formal or informal presentation? Either way, plan ahead for every detail. Some questions to consider include:
·         Where will you present the award?
·         Who will be in attendance?
·         What kind of attire will be worn?
·         Will food be served?
A memorable awards presentation doesn’t have to be an elaborate ordeal. Even a simple presentation in the office in front of co-workers will be successful if planned ahead. But strive to make the presentation equal to the accomplishment. A monthly presentation of an award could be a rather informal event taking only a few moments out of the workday. On the other hand, an award for years of service would lose its luster if presented that informally.

Plan your speech
You should view the opportunity to present an award as an honor. What you say is every bit as important as the award itself. Plan your speech far enough in advance to allow it to baste in your mind for a few days. That will allow time for you to make any necessary changes. 
A successful speech should reflect your appreciation and sincerity. If your speech is more formal, practice it in front of a mirror or in front of family or friends. Your speech should describe the importance of the award and include some heartfelt praise for the recipient. 

About the author:
Dennis Phoenix is a human resource specialist and writer. He writes on topics including business relationships, productivity, employee satisfaction. He spends his weekends mountain biking and photographing nature.

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